Another Quilt

When I was in Louisiana my dad informed me that he needs a new quilt for his bed. His isn’t big enough and he keeps “losing” it during the night. All he told me was that he wanted something with red in it. I’m thinking I might make this one but do you think it looks too “Christmasy”?

It’s just a sampler type with a simple border but I love the sashing.  It needs to be a queen size.  This one as drawn is 82″ x 99″.  The queen mattress is 60″ x 80″.  I actually like a square quilt on my queen bed.  We don’t pull it over the pillows.  About 98″ x 98″ works good for me so I may end up making Dad’s quilt 99″ x 99″.  He also complained about it sliding off the bed so I think I might use a lightweight flannel for the backing and then use a very thin, maybe wool batting.  That won’t be too heavy for summers in Louisiana (with the a/c running) but the flannel backing will keep the quilt from sliding off the bed.

Here’s another way I could color it but I think I like the green and red better.  Thoughts??


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    I like the second one better. I seems like it is more universal for all year. The first one seems Christmasy to me.

  2. 2


    I like the green and red. The choice of fabrics sounds good (lived in LA several years). What does your Dad think or is this a surprise?

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    Cindy says

    I agree with Dot. The first is “Christmassy” and would be a great sampler for Christmas. The coloring in the second is better for year round. But, we are seeing it from afar and it may not look so “Christmassy” on the bed.

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    Of course, they are both gorgeous, I prefer the first, I don’t think it looks Christmasy-especially if you use a yellowed green as it appears in the sample. Is your Dad more of a ‘blue guy’ or a ‘green guy’?

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    I like #2. I think you are right about #1. I hear Xmas carols when I look at it.

    I do like how delicate the design is. Nice job, Judy!

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    Just went back and enlarged the quilts. The larger green version does look more Christmasy than I thought. I think that is because of the very holiday red. A more orange red or a brick red may change that.

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    Another vote for Option #2.

    Also have you ever considered just doing a heavyweight flannel backing and NO batting? It would amount to a flexible, nonslippery quilt that would probably work in a lot of seasons.

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    Kim says

    For myself, I like the red/green version, especially if you stay away from the Christmas red/green. But for your Dad, I think the second one…the dark blue adds a masculine touch to it.

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    I do like the first one even though it looks Christmasy….I’m thinking maybe it might not look so with the actual fabrics you choose. 🙂

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    I like the 2nd one also.

    How do you keep getting the interesting borders on the quilts? I tried to add a decorative border to my quilt but it keeps telling me I can’t put a block in the border, just fabric.

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    Does your dad have a dog or cat who shares his bed or sneaks onto it when no one’s around? The light colored background (in either version) would give me pause. 🙂

    I, too, love the sashing. Neither version screams “Christmas” to me EXCEPT the pieced border looks like a row of Christmas presents.

    And seriously? Your dad’s going to love it, no matter what!

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    Pam says

    Trust your gut. You have good instincts and the best borders.
    We are waiting on Hanna to visit in SC.

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    pdudgeon says

    had you thought of using red, gold and black instead of the green? that would take it out of the relm of Christmas. or perhaps using the red as a background (since he likes red).

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    Interesting how split the preferences are. It shows it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Personally, the first one calls my name. I don’t think it looks particularly Christmas-sy, especially if you were careful with the shades. Nice pattern! And I too love your borders. Your signature!

  15. 17


    My vote is for #2 – the blue version. I like the idea of flannel backing – my winter quilt is made of flannel and it does not slip at all – all my other quilts end up on the floor !

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    What other colors are in the bedroom???? I sorta like the quilts in my bedroom to match the existing colors!!!! Both quilts look great and having the wool batting is a great choice!!!

    Karen L