Can You Stand Just One More?

Make that 2 more!  I won’t show any more EQ drawings.  If you see anything else from this quilt, it will be as blocks on the design wall.

Mom saw the pictures and she liked #2 the best, which is this one:

I moved around some of the blocks, changed the first border and it’s now 87″ x 100″.  That should be large enough for a queen bed, right?  I don’t need it to cover the pillows but I want it to be plenty big enough.

It takes about 7 yards of the background fabric.  I have this very light, mossy green that I love.  Think it dulls the quilt too much?  I like to use a background that is thick enough that the seam allowances don’t show through — not always easy with an ecru on ecru.  And, I have to make it from the stash.  I have the red because Mom bought that when I was in Louisiana but I have to come up with the rest of it.  Yes, I could buy fabric but I’m loving the challenge of making quilts from my stash.

And, look at this!  If anything will get my engine running, this is it!

I walked outside this morning in my typical stay at home attire – shorts, T-shirt and barefooted.  I was rushing Speck to hurry up and get his business done because it was probably about 58 out there and the ground was wet.  Certainly a welcome change from what we’ve been having.  I’m ready to send summer on it’s way!


  1. 1

    Kim says

    I still like the ecru background best. The green is pretty, but it does seem to tone the whole thing down. Can you brighten the gold a bit?

  2. 3

    Evelyn says

    I love to use yellows, pinks, small cream prints, marbles, etc. as backgrounds – I would say go with the green!!! Sounds like a good size for a bed quilt – my bed has a beautiful foot board so I always turn my quilts sideways on the bed – this quilt would work both ways!

  3. 4


    I like the green better, but then I’m not an white/cream/ecru person….color is good (the green would make a good wall color also). Is it big enough…..I like my big…….so when my DH decides to play cover hog, there is still plenty left for me…..and how deep is the mattress…..I don’t like having the sheets show…..and quilting compaction needs to be considered.

    Karen L

    PS….cooler temps are very welcomed here also!!!

    Karen L

  4. 6

    Linda H says

    Both quilts are really pretty, but my personal choice is the cream background. To me, it sets off the other colors better. And I’m saying that even though I am not a white/cream background person! 🙂 Of course, seeing it in person could make a difference, too.
    On measuring… I love it when things line up and match and end up being square. It eliminates a lot of the angst at border and binding time, too. All of those points you mentioned are so important (to me, anyway). It is much easier to just do it correctly the first time, i.e. measuring, squaring, 1/4″ seams, careful press, instead of having to compensate and/or rip out a lot of bad seaming. But on the issue of ripping…if a little ripping will make it fit better, I will rip as I go…but not wait until the end when a lot of ripping makes a big chore. Looove quilting!

  5. 8


    I was going to ask the same thing Karen did – how thick is the mattress? The beige background is my favorite. It makes the colors pop more. Lucky Dad!

  6. 9


    I am so jealous of your cooler weather!! Enjoy! I agree with your mom, though all of them are absolutely lovely. 🙂