Give Judy a Day to Herself

Vince was off Monday and Tuesday so you know what I accomplished!  Nothing . . you know it . . same thing happens to you when your husband is home all day.

And, remember that Vince comes home every day for lunch.  I’m happy to see him . . yes, I really am . . but it chops up my day.  So Wednesday morning I was so happy to have Vince going back to work.  Even better, he wasn’t coming home for lunch and he wouldn’t be home for dinner either . . a day to myself.  I’d finish the quilt top I should’ve finished on Tuesday.

But, then I got up, made bread, sewed a little and went outside with Speck and oh, glorious day!  It was cool and crisp, even though it was raining.  I don’t mind the rain at all so long as we’re not having tornadoes.  I came back in from sewing and I couldn’t stop thinking about apples!  Fall and apples just go together.  There’s an orchard about 15 miles up the road and I fought the urge for a while.  I kept thinking of apple crisp, apple pie, Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings, wheat salad with fresh apples . . I couldn’t stop my brain from thinking of apples.

Shortly after lunch time, I gave in to the urge and drove up to the orchard.  The lady who owns it is an elderly, very nice lady.  We got to talking and she asked me if I’d ever made crabapple jelly.  No, I haven’t but my mom has.  She had a bag of crabapples in her fridge that she had forgotten about and some of them were bad but if I wanted them, I could have them.  Heck, I’m not passing up free food so I said yes.

This is the bag she came out with!

That must’ve been 20 or more pounds of crabapples!  They were almost all good too.  After a while of washing and cutting off the stems and blossom ends, I was wishing half of them were rotten!

Aren’t they pretty?  Too bad they’re so darned sour!

After at least 2 dozen calls to my mom, I got one batch of jelly made and the crabapple juice all boiled down.

That’s 7 jelly jars, one little squatty wide mouth jar and one pint jar of crabapple jelly.  Plus, 3 jars of juice and each jar will make that much more jelly.  If you’re on my Christmas list,  you’re probably getting crabapple jelly! 🙂

The apple pie, apple crisp, apple dumplings or wheat salad never got made.  But, I do have a ton of apples so maybe today I’ll get a pie made.

Aren’t they pretty too?  Fresh off the tree!


  1. 1

    beth says

    Judy you lucky girl! A great day alone to get the unexpected done. I love days alone, too. The apples look great and you’ve got me inspired. have a great day, beth

  2. 2

    Evelyn says

    Crabapple jelly is very popular on Cape Cod! I bet yours will taste just delicious!

  3. 3


    I’ve never had crabapple jelly…but that bag of apples looks like heaven! I can almost smell them here….I miss being able to get fresh apples that actually taste like apples!

  4. 4


    Judy how do I get on the Christmas list? I have not made jam or jelly in some time.

    I hear you about your hubby chopping up the day. When my husband is home I never get much done. Example was yesterday he took off the day and I did not get a fraction of what I needed to done…………I guess I need to try again today.

  5. 5


    Yeah, and then they go, “So WHAT is it you do all day?” The real answer is, “LOTS – when I don’t have to babysit YOU,” but you have to think of something more diplomatic… like, “Oh, when I’m lonely, I am much more efficient, but when you’re around, I just want to be with YOU.” Yeah, right.

    I am thinking of pumpkin pies, myself.

  6. 8


    My mother would have loved making that crabapple jelly! You made it all sound so good – it must mean I skipped breakfast. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  7. 10

    pdudgeon says

    I went to the store today and got apples too! Must be something about Fall in the air that sets our taste buds going. How great that you lucked into all those crab apples. the jelly loks so pretty.