Friday Happenings

Last night I finally finished the top I had hoped to finish Monday!  Earlier this week, I also got the LSU top quilted and because I’m such a good daughter (hear that mom?), I went ahead and added the binding so all mom has to do is do the hand stitching.

And, I finished writing the pattern for another quilt for the next book and here’s the fabric I’ll use for it.  I hope to start it this afternoon.

See that dark green on the left?  I love that fabric!  LOVE it!  I wanted to use it in this quilt and didn’t have enough but then I found another piece of it in the stash but after this quilt, that will be the end of this fabric in green.  I still have it in purple, red, blue, gold and who knows what else.  Honestly, I’m getting low on good greens and that will probably be the first thing I need to buy.  I have some yard or one yard pieces but am low on 3+ yard pieces.  I’m making excuses for why I need to go shopping for green fabric!

At Vince’s work, the people in his department bring snacks the first Friday of each month.  Vince told me yesterday that everyone was going on and on about how much they love crabapple jelly.  I had planned to send apple nut bread but then another blogger posted a recipe for pear bread so I thought I’d make that but then Vince suggested I make regular bread and send with a jar of jelly.

So I made Honey  Oatmeal Bread.  Yes, the loaf on the left is smaller than the loaf on the right.  I usually weigh the dough so I get it closer but I was in a big hurry last night and taking a chance didn’t pay off.  I sent the bread and a jar of jelly and Vince found out they’d changed the date to next Friday.  Too bad!  They got their snacks from me today.

Vince is going to an all day wood carving class tomorrow and I need to send a snack for that so I’ll make apple bread and send with him.

It’s stil very cool outside and it’s sunny and beautiful today.  Makes me want to go do something in the yard.

Guess I might not get to start that new quilt top today after all!


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    Martha says

    I think I’ve found the PERFECT quilt for my DD’s christmas quilt. She’s a true PURPLE (not blue) Tiger, ringtones and all! I think it’s neat you posted that quilt today, as it is her birthday!

  2. 3

    pdudgeon says

    beautiful Tigers quilt, Judy!
    can’t wait to see what you do with all those yummy Fall colors.

  3. 4


    Great blog! I want some of that bread!! LOVE the quilt! I’m going to look for that green for you in my stash, but I really don’t think I have it. Shucks! That would have been a bust for me! LOL

  4. 5


    Vince is going to an all-day wood carving class? Hey, that sounds interesting … can you post something about that or photos? Would love to see some of what DH’s do in THEIR spare time.