Funny Family Story

I had the news on the other day and it showed a picture of John McCain and his children, some from his previous wife and some with Cindy.  It reminded me of a funny story!

When we moved to Kentucky, Chad was 9 and in the 4th grade.  At the first PTO meeting, they had notes written by each child about their family and the kids who wanted to do so read them in front of the other parents.  Vince has a daughter from his previous marriage, Chad’s dad has 3 children from a previous marriage and Chad’s dad is re-married and she has three children from her previous marriage.  It sounds way more disfunctional than it really is . . I suppose.

Chad has seen Vince’s daughter maybe twice; he’s never seen his dad’s three children from a previous marriage and he has seen his step-mother’s three children often when he was seeing his dad.  Even so, I’ve always considered Chad an only child because he’s my only child and he’s never been raised in the house with another child.

So, imagine my surprise and shock when Chad stood up to read his story and the first thing he said was:  “I have 4 older sisters and 3 older brothers!”  OMG!  That would mean if we were a normal family (which obviously we are NOT!), that I would have 8 children.  There’s nothing wrong with having 8 children (as long as they’re yours and not mine!) but I know my mouth must’ve dropped open and I could see Vince counting in his head trying to figure out where the 4 sisters and 3 brothers came from.

Kids say the funniest things!


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    That’s cute. I have one of each possible siblings. My mom and dad had two girls. After my parents divorced, my dad remarry with my stepmom who had two kids from previous marriage. Then my dad and stepmom had a kid. So I have real sister, step sister, adopted brother (dad adopted my stepmom’s second child) and a half brother. What other kind of sibling is there?… None, that I can think of.

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    LOL did you get any knowing glances at Vince and you? Hehe They probably thought, “holy cow she looks good for having so many kids”!

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    My sister had a similar thing happen. She and her husband went for a parent/teacher conference for their second child when she was in kindergarten or first grade. The teacher began gently questioning them about their home life. It turns out, their daughter had made a statement to the teacher that her first mom had died, her second mom was very mean to her, but the mom she had now was her favorite of all.
    My sister burst out crying. This child came from HER womb and never had another mother. Where DO kids get these ideas?
    I pointed out to my sister that at least she was the favorite mom, even though her competition was imaginary. That should count for something.

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    Then there was the time my younger daughter’s kindergarten teacher congratulated me on my pending marriage. I was dating a neighbor and apparently DD was voicing her fantasy of what was a very casual relationship. Fortunately, the teacher didn’t get the name right so I pled ignorance and DD & I had a little talk that night.

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    Many years ago, a teaching friend of first graders told us parents would be horrified or at least shocked to know what their kiddies shared. ;>)

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    Martha says

    All of my Kindergarteners are going to get babies at their houses (I don’t believe that until I get an adult to agree)

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    Cindy B. says

    I am one of those ‘blended’ mommas.

    I have five birth children. Two adopted children. And 205 foster placements.

    For several years, I was never certain how many would be at supper.

    And … looking at foster/adoption one more time now.

    PLEASE check my brain! First it was chopping up fabric and calling it quilting … more kids at my age?!