They’re Dropping Like Flies

I’m afraid to even get in one of our vehicles.  Don’t they say bad things come in “3’s”?  Let’s just count my accident a bit over a month ago as #1.  I did get my Honda out of the shop Friday and it looks good as new but I really don’t feel the same about it any more.  Especially after driving that Toyota Sienna . . I wish I could justify a new vehicle because I’d love to have one of those but . . I can’t so I’ll just get those thoughts out of my head.  Vince has made a deal with me in which I can get a new Sienna but . . dang it, I don’t like it and I think I’ll just fall back in love with my little old Honda.

Chad’s transmission can be #2 and Vince’s pickup can be #3 and we’ll consider our streak of bad luck done!

Chad’s car goes into the shop Tuesday for a transmission rebuild.  Vince’s pickup will be picked up from work with a tow truck this afternoon.  Not a clue what’s wrong with it — won’t start but that’s been coming for a long time and there’s something orange (probably rusty something) that dripped on my driveway the other day.

In the last week, we’ve gone from 4 fairly decent (2 are questionable) vehicles to 2 that are running.  Makes for more room in my garage anyway!  But, this puts me as taxi driver since Chad isn’t on our insurance.  Hopefully by this time next week, he’ll have his car back.

In the meantime, I’ll try to come up with a better proposal for Vince that might get me a new Sienna. 🙂


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    ok, I’m currious (nosy) what was Vince’s proposal… and I can’t wait to see what yor counter offer is 🙂 LOL…

    I hope no more car problems for anyone… your right bad luck comes in 3s and I’d say you’ve had your 3 for the year.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie (we just got back home last night from Gustav – hope your parents’ home is OK… I thought of them)

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    Richelle says

    If you love the Sienna, you really need to try the Odyssey. Pure love after driving my Chevy van for 10 years.