Quilt for an Hour . . Anyone?

I think it’s about time for another Quilt for an Hour project!  Anyone agree?  Let me know if there’s any interest.  Many of you don’t want to commit til you see the design but I guess I’m just asking . . if you love the design, will you make a Quilt for an Hour project with me again?

This, of course, will be in addition and completely separate from the Star BOM.

I’m thinking about . . something that uses a light background and a dark background and some scraps/stash.

I’m thinking the top will be about 70″ x 81″ but will be pretty easy to enlarge if you wish.

I’m thinking it will take about 15 hours and since we only get instructions during the week, that will be about 3 weeks.

I’m thinking we might start on September 15 and finish on October 3.

I’m thinking it would take about 2 yards of a light background and about 3-1/2 yards of a darker background.   Remember the subtle difference in the Shadow Stars light and dark background fabrics?  Something that doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge contrast but definitely a noticeable contrast. I know some are already wondering if the backgrounds could be scrappy.  Wait til you see the picture of the quilt and see what you think.  I don’t think in terms of totally scrappy so I’m not a good one to ask.


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    Marie says

    I would definitely be interested in another Quilt For A Hour project! I love your patterns! Any day now I am going to get your last QFAH quilt back from my LA quilter. I can’t wait!

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    Hi Judy, I would love to join in on the fun. This will be my first QFAH! I love the STAR BOM so I am sure I will enjoy the QFAH quilt!

  3. 13


    Well Heck, since I am actually caught up on the Star BOM maybe I can get the last QFAH finished and start this one. I just love all your designs.

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    Julie says

    I’d love to try a QFAH project. It will be something new for me – I’m also doing the Star BOM! Judy, I’m so glad I found your wonderful site!

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    Judy, I recently found our sight and your projects look very interesting. Quilt for an Hour sounds like a great concept.


  6. 18

    Nancy L says

    Sure I’ll play. Loved the shaded stars from before. It is all done and waiting to find out where I need to send it. It is a Quilt of Valor.
    Nancy L

  7. 19


    I’m game, though I might not be able to keep up as I’d like with this new teaching job. I’ll do the best I can. I just got the border fabric for the last one……. it took a while to talk to me.


  8. 20

    Evelyn says

    Me, me, me! Right now I am actually near a store that sells fabrics so I can get the needed background fabrics tomorrow before heading home. And you know what comes Mon-Fri now? A big, yellow schoolbus as LB is now in Kindergarten – all day. AND my busy season is winding down. I haven’t been able to do a QFAH yet, but this one seems to match my schedule perfectly!

  9. 21


    Woo-hoo! I’m in. Loved your last one. I gave it as a wedding gift, and the bride and groom love it as well. I think the QFAH concept is great, even though I could never finish in an hour — the time commitment is very manageable. And I love your designs.

  10. 22


    UGH! I love your QFAH, but my fiscal year end is 9/30. I am at critical MASS! I’ll have to cheat, and print out the hours,because I really love how your patterns let the colors shine thru.

    I’ll try my best to catch up and be done with evey one else. I am actually taking a quick weekend in Lancaster next weekend,so I can buy whatever large cuts are needed, IF I can manage to get out of the office.

  11. 25


    I’d love to join in with the fun and hope to use up some of my older stash. Many thanks for offering the chance to participate.
    Hugs JJ

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    Carmen says

    Count me in this will be my first Quilt for an hour. I am game for anything. Recently I did my first Mystery quilt and I loved it. I look forward to this quilting adventure. 🙂