Fall is in the Air

I say to myself that when the temps drop down below 60 at night, I know I’m going to make it.  Summer is almost over.  Look at the temps for tonight . . 49 degrees.  OK . . so we might have a thunderstorm.  The wind is blowing; it smells like Fall and I can hear the high school band practicing.  Life is good in my little corner of MO!


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    Fall is taking its sweet time coming, isn’t it!! I want some cold nights…..sweaters…….hot chocolate…..chicken soup! Come on Fall, we are all ready for ya!

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    We cooled off about 10 days ago, no more central air for the year!!! The first day it was cool I made a big batch of white chile……that’s the one thing I dislike about summer…..can’t make soup. I’m actually ready for winter….I want snow on the ground…….I’m so sick of mowing my lawn.

    Karen L

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    pdudgeon says

    i’m not ready for it to be that cool yet. we still have some Summer left up here. what i miss is the extra sunshine!

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    I know you turned off comments for your previous post. But I want to thank you for writing your story. It is very moving and a marvelous example of a hard situation turning into a blessing.

    Thank you.

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    I’m SO jealous! It was 84 when I left the office at 6:10 tonight! I can’t wait for winter. I hear it’s going to be on February 10, 2009. Must mark that on my calendar so I don’t miss it!

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    We are in another heat wave in Oregon, 88 today, I hid inside with the AC. The hubby was outside prepping house to paint tomorrow. It is supposed to another 85 plus day. Than we head to the coast on wednesday for a mini vacation.

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    Anna says

    Like Karen, I can appreciate why you turned off your comments for your previous post but I really enjoyed your sharing of your deeply personal experience of Chad’s birth. Thank you for taking a risk and sharing it.

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    Penny says

    I can smell fall coming. I love your description of the high school band practicing, the wind blowing, etc. Sounds like home in Oklahoma. I’ve been living on the east coast and am homesick, bigtime.

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    I love that you are heading into fall and we are just starting to enjoy spring here in Australia. I’m enjoying the days becoming longer and getting more done while you are starting to hibernate for winter LOL. Also appreciated your last blog entry. Hugs JJ

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    I sure wish I lived in a state that had “seasons”. I was raised in Souther California… not much season there. And now I live in Las Vegas… not much season here either. My dream is to move to Montana where I know I’ll get to experience all four seasons. I can’t wait!