Chad and the Coroner

When we first moved here, Chad met Jason.  Jason is one of the local funeral home directors, lives in an apartment above the funeral home and that’s where they hang out on weekends.  Jason is running for coroner and of course, we have a sign for him in our front yard.  Jason is a really good guy and is involved in lots of civic activities and I think he’s been a good influence on Chad.

Chad’s all involved with the local politics, mostly thanks to Jason.  Chad’s all dressed up in this brand new sports jacket that he thinks is so cool and I think it’s kinda funny . . because there’s some kind of effort today to get people registered to vote and Chad’s loving being a part of all of it.

I’ve spent yet another day dealing with vehicles.  Chad and I took his car to the transmission shop early this morning.  It’s about 40 miles . . I’m going to guess west of here so that probably means it’s east but anyway . . it was 40 miles away.  It was the first time I’d driven my car since getting it out of the shop and there’s a definite whistle from a wind leak coming around the door that was smashed.  Took it back to the body shop and they worked on it about 20 minutes and sent me on my way.  Nope, still not fixed.  Went back and made the guy ride around with me for a minute.  He told me it would take about 20 minutes to fix it so I called Vince to tell him I wasn’t going to be home for lunch and his pickup was ready to be picked up.  The repair shop had to put a new fuel pump on it.  So, he picked me up at the body shop, then we went and got his truck; brought the truck home, went and had lunch and then went back to get my car.  Oops . . the door is all taken apart . . insides hanging out and they need a few hours to work on it.  So I took Vince to work and left him there without a vehicle.  Hopefully my car will be fixed by the time he gets off and he can bring it home.  I brought his car home and then I had to take Chad to school.  Bet you can figure out that there’s not much of anything except running the roads going on around here.


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    Gee, Judy, you may have a future politico on your hands!! LOL The jacket fits him well. . . .I just never “got” the plaid thing. . . . and won’t let my husband wear it — he’d have to have pants for every color in the jacket & then not have anything else to wear.

    Sherry V.

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    Wow Judy, I don’t envy your day–reading about all the running around wears me out!!

    Chad is very dapper looking in his new duds. I think it is very exciting that so many young people are getting involved in politics.

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    Just Me says

    Chad looks soooooooooooo handsome all dressed up. What does Mom think of the jeans below the white shirt and coat? Seems that is what the guys wear these days.

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    Chad’s lookin pretty handsome there in his new sportscoat! very patriotic! Next thing you know he will be running for office!

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    Judy, I have a car that has the same whistle from a car accident. I thought I’d just have to put up with it… but now I’m definitely going to take it to the shop to see if they can fix it. 🙂

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    Cars – you can’t live with them or without them. or is that men? I know how you feel being on the road all day.

    It’s nice that Chad is taking an interest in local politics. that’s one place where you can really make a difference.

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    pdudgeon says

    forgot to ask…does your town have a JC (Junior Chamber of Commerce) ? something else for him to look into.

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    funny how styles come back, I remember my dads plaid sports coat when I was a kid 🙂
    Good for Chad to be involved. It sure is interesting to watch our children becoming adults isn’t it.

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    peggy says

    I’ve been in two accidents that caused problems with my doors. Those wind whistles could never be repaired. One of them we finally gave our son because they could never get rid of it, and it was driving me nuts. It was only 3 yrs. old. It always upset me that neither of those accidents were my fault, but I had to live with those darned cars and the hated wind sounds.

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    Good for Chad for getting involved with politics. We certainly can stand some of the younger generations getting to know what goes on in politics, which hopefully they will change for the better one of these days, lol. I have been having lots of car problems lately too, must be the weather, lol.

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    I was reading your post about Chad and Jason. I am from Ontario Canada, and wondering..did I read that right? Do you actually have people that run for “Coroner” Does that mean they will be the town Coroner or State Coroner? This stuff interests me.