Those Darned Hurricanes!

I want more than anything (well, almost more than anything!) to move back to SW Louisiana or maybe SE Texas some day  . . maybe not even til we retire.  Vince has never had any desire to live down there — bugs, rain, humidity, no season changes — but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to convince him that it’s as close to perfect as we’ll ever find.

I have no doubt that Chad will end up back down there.  That boy can fish 24/7.  There’s hardly a day that he doesn’t go fishing but his real love is salt water fishing.  I do believe if he could live off being a fishing guide, that’s what he’d do.  He’s said that’s what he wanted to do for as long as we’ve been asking him what he wants to be when he grows up.  I think it’s the “growing up” part that’s not coming so easy!

And now these back to back hurricanes are setting back my efforts at getting Vince to agree to move to SW Louisiana.  As I’ve talked to my parents about their evacuation plans for the second time in about 2 weeks, I almost find myself thinking I’m sure glad I don’t live down there! Wait . . that’s not what I’m supposed to be thinking!  Then I remember crawfish, crabs, ginger lilies, gardenias, authentic cajun food . .

Sorry to cut this post short but I have to go talk to Vince again about when he thinks we can move south! 🙂


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    pdudgeon says

    lol, i think you’ll get some help on this one, Judy. so far it looks like Ike is going to miss LA.

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    I used to think the same way about living in the South (my older sister and her husband have been in central Florida for the past 18 years)…. the bugs never die, no season changes, lots of rain. But here’s one way to think about the hurricanes… at least you know when they are coming. Tornadoes and earthquakes give you no warning. At least with hurricanes you can plan to get out of the way if you need to.

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    Just Me says

    Check out the other regions of the U.S.
    West- wildfires, earthquakes, drought, snakes
    Midwest- Drought, floods, tornadoes,
    Northeast- blizzards, massive traffic, plus more – lived there for 25 years and believe me it is no paradise!
    Yes, we have hurricanes in the south, but there is plenty of warning- actually way too much as the news media concentrates on it as the wave leaves the coast of Africa!
    There is NO utopia.

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    Keeping my fingers crossed that Ike decides he like Texas better than Louisiana. My brother in Baton Rouge is still without power.

    Just visit Louisiana often. That’s the best of both worlds 🙂

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    “Just Me”, I agree completely. We bought a small condo right on the Gulf in Port Aransas, TX. It is our winter retirement home away from home, not to mention home away from below zero temps and snow! Some friends have commented about the dangers of hurricanes (and what were we thinking), and that has been my response: we have tornados here, earthquakes other places. You don’t get a guarantee of safety anywhere. You go where you’re happiest. Right now we’re praying from afar for the safety of our little town on the Gulf.

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    Loretta says

    The good news for us this morning is that Ike keeps moving westward. We just hope and pray that it doesn’t stall in the Gulf and that the high/low pressure systems keep doing what they are supposed to do. People down here are really having a rough time right now, in many different ways.

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    We lived in Florida for 14 years – both south of Ft. Lauderdale and in the Tampa area so we had lots of practice with hurricane preparation. We still have family on both Florida coasts so we also spend a lot of time during hurricane season following these storms.

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    That is just a tad far south for me. I will visit you when you get there…… So far Vince hasn’t had a chance against anything you have had your heart set on yet.

    I am heading South to the land of BBQ and hushpuppies and Collards and crowder peas and big limas cooked with fat back…… heart attack on a plate……… And you can come and visit me.

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    Martha says

    Hurricane Ike looks more Texan than Louisianan. I don’t wish troubles on anyone, but one hurricane a month is more than a plenty. I live in central Lousiana.

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    Nancy W. says

    You can take the girl out the south but you can’t take the south out of the girl. Screen doors and sweet tea will always be home to me.