Ike in LA

I suppose it’s kinda like what I wrote the other day about how history is different when you lived it as opposed to reading about it in history books.

Seeing flooding and devastation is sad and I always feel sorry for the people but when it’s my home town . . ouch!  I can hardly hold back tears as I look at these pictures.  These are from the Lake Charles area and I found them at the local newspaper’s web page.

KPLC TV has video clips.  It’s so amazing because those places are areas I’m very familiar with — traveled those roads my whole life and they aren’t even recognizable with all the water.

Vince almost got bopped on the head when he said “why would anyone want to live there?”  Did he forget who he’s talking to?  But, how many times have I said “why would anyone want to live there?” when I see news of devastation and danger.  I think I can now answer that question.  Home is where your heart is and it doesn’t matter if there are hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes . . the tug on the heart is a strong one and Lake Charles tugs at my heart more and more every day.  Seeing the disaster there just makes me want to go help someone.  Of course, for me to go there wouldn’t help anyone because I’m pretty worthless when it comes to nasty work.  Many of the people in the pictures obviously have big houses, and probably have insurance and plenty of assets to rebuild their lives but there are many, many people along the bayous of southwest Louisiana who are less fortunate — never asking anyone for anything and never wanting to be bothered by anyone.  They’ll survive and rebuild too, without asking anyone for anything — that’s the kind of people they are.

My heart hurts for the people of southwest Louisiana/southeast Texas because of their predicament but it also aches a little for me knowing this is all convincing my dear husband that living down there is something he would never want to do.

I keep reminding myself . . bloom where you’re planted . . and that’s what I’ll do but you all know where I want to be!  Maybe I should post Vince’s e-mail address here and you could all write to him and explain how you think we should start working our way back to Louisiana.  On the other hand, he’d probably pack my stash and my 2 pair of jeans and my holey T-shirts and boot my butt back to Louisiana if I put his e-mail address on here! 🙂


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    Those are some intense photos! I’m glad you family members are all OK. I think that at one time or another that people say “I couldn’t live there” about every single place on earth……too hot, too cold, too risky, too dry, too wet. You are right. Home is where you make it and we all make our home somewhere.

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    I was really happy for you to read that your parents are fine. We are, right now, having winds upwards of 50moh…nothing like they got…but they say it’s from the hurricane. If we are getting winds in Ohio from it can you imagine what it was like for them. My heart went out to them as well cause we were in Houston when Rita hit. I love Texas. The people there are just wonderful!!
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and your and I’m glad everyone you love is okay. 🙂

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    Christine says

    Judy thanks for posting the pix and paper website. I have been blessed with attending quilt retreats at the Catholic retreat center with the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild and am familiar with many of the places on the photos-astonishing and sad!!! My in-laws live in Orange and evacuated but I have been desperate for info-not talking about it much here in Houston. I have been at work since Thursday (MD Anderson) so I’m okay and cool, My home is okay, my husband is hot-poor thing!- but I am worried for them. You’re right-home, even adopted, is home and my heart is here, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heat, bugs,etc. There is so much more that is wonderful than problematic.
    Keep the LA/East TX faith.

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    thanks Judy for positng over on my family blog. I appreciate your T&Ps! and got your email too and will tell David when I talk to him next.

    Ike is really ripping thru the rest of the country s on TV tonight they reported power outages in Louisville, and some parts of OH an IN…

    Love from KY ~bonnie

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    Linda H says

    You and your family were in my thoughts as I watched Ike’s progress! I understand your hopes to return to LA. I am far away from my home, too. I’m enjoying it here, but I’m hoping DH will want to return in the not too distant future.

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    Evelyn says

    You are homesick – I know the feeling except for with me – it is more like country sick. When you move to a different country you really do realize how ingrained your own culture is – Austria & Canada are both very different from the US! I get annoyed at little things too – like it is too cold here to grow decent tomatos!!! I know that you are feeling the difference between the states. The US is sooo big that each area is unique and different. I hope you can at least schedule lots of visiting time at home.

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    I’m so glad your family is safe. These hurricanes have been awful this year and there’s not much anyone can do to escape the destruction. I know what you mean about missing “home.” I can’t imagine living anywhere else even though I’ve been to wonderful places all over the country. Calif. is home for me even though it is way too expensive to live here. And they keep telling us that the Big One (earthquake) is overdue.

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    those pictures tell it all don’t they! you are right home is where your heart is..and then bloom where you are planted..in that order…