Stash Report Week #37

Before I start my stash report — thanks to everyone who inquired about my family in Lake Charles, LA.  Mom and Dad lost power around midnight Friday night but didn’t have any damages.  They have a generator so they weren’t too worried about having no power but the power was back on by Saturday afternoon.  My niece and her family evacuated, mainly because they have four kids and if one of them had gotten sick or hurt, it might have been hard to get medical care so they went to her mom’s camp (that would be my sister!) somewhere in Mississipi – the Natchez area I think.

There’s a tremendous amount of flooding in Calcasieu/Cameron Parishes.  They’ve experienced flooding before but almost always from rains.  This one was from the storm surge so areas that have never flooded before have several feet of water in them.  I’ve been watching the local news on the computer and just couldn’t believe the pictures of all the flooding.

Mom and Dad were lucky this time.

My sewing time this week was mostly spent piecing the next Quilt for an Hour top.  I probably always say this but I think this one is my favorite yet.  It’s quilted and I hope to get the binding sewn on tomorrow.  It will also go to the orphanage in Houma and I used backing fabric that was sent to me by Vicky so I’m not counting the backing in my usage for this week.  I did piece some on the borders for another quilt but didn’t get much of that done.

Here’s my report:

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 282 yards

Fabric used this week – 8.25 yards
Fabric used year to date – 322.50 yards

Net Used to Date – 40.50 yards

How’d you do this week?


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    It’s so good to hear that Mom and Dad are okay. All the flooding just breaks my heart. I really like this Hour quilt! Can’t wait to see your picture of it!

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    Evelyn says

    So glad to hear that your family is ok – guess now it is Texas to send good thoughts too.


  3. 5

    kate says

    I have a question. You’ve mentioned your mom’s camp (and other people too). What exactly does it mean by “camp”?

  4. 6


    Glad everyone is o.k.

    Can you please explain your version of a “camp.”

    When we went camping – it was a different place everytime & we definately did not “own” it.