Talk About HOT!

I did a trunk show last night in Pittsburg, KS.  This was another fun bunch!  Cindy was my contact with the guild and she and I had been corresponding for what seems like forever.  It was like we’d known each other for years!  Several of the guild members met us for dinner and one of them had a couple of peppers in a bag.  We got a big laugh out of these.  They’re called “Peter Peppers”!  I promise you that’s what this lady told me.  I will say no more . . I think the picture is self-explanatory!

Ever seen one of those??

And, want to know something weird?  The schools in Lake Charles (Calcasieu Parish), LA are going back to school today.  Schools in Owensboro, KY (where we used to live) were closed yesterday and today because of hurricane damage!  My guess is this is the first time ever that Owensboro has had no school because of hurricane damage.  Pretty weird, huh?


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    Kitty says

    In Northern KY we are on our second day of schools closed because of hurricane damage.
    No electricity because of wind damage & downed trees.
    I think it’s a first here too.

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    How funny!!!!

    I posted pictures of hurricane damage at my house, if you want to see. I have a tree down and shingles missing, but no one was hurt.

    Legion Park looks like a war zone. People have said that there are no trees in Moreland Park. The city looks terrible.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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    Cindy says

    First off, I want everyone to know that it wasn’t ME who brought that nasty thing! (you know, Judy RAN out to her car to get her camera???)

    If you ever get the chance to hear and see Judy give a program, don’t walk away from it. We really enjoyed it! She’s funny and darling.

    She talks kinda funny though. Even though I knew she was from Louisiana, I wasn’t expecting THAT!

    Jeanne Tucker from Nashville, is that YOU??

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    Nancy W. says

    Wondered what you were up to as your site was somewhat quiet…now we know. This is cause for some interesting speculation next time things get quiet on you end.

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    Cindy, she does NOT talk funny! She talks perfectly fine! LOL.

    I almost split a gut laughing when I saw that pepper. Oh, my! And who said quilters were boring!

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    those peppers just crack me up….they remind me of my ultra constervative college roomate(and best friend) who missed the pic on the website we ordered them from the summer we grew them. She spent weeks blushing and i spent the same amount of time with tears in my eyes laughing at her! i’m gonna send her this post just to make her smile.

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    I grew up in KY all my life and while we did often have “snow days” to make up at the end of the school year – we never had a “hurricane day” to make up for!

    When I talked to David last, he said everyone from the emergency response team that had been at the shelter had found a hotel with electric in Sulpher, LA and they were all going there to stay the night and get hot showers 🙂 Tonight is his 2nd night there and they have it booked until next Monday. he said while it was nice to have a real bed again… he didn’t sleep b/c it was the first he had seen a TV and just couldn’t turn it off watching all the reports of damage.

    The kids and I will wait here in KY until we hear that power has been restored. We went to niece and nephew’s soccer and football games tonight…. I’m thinking maybe I don’t wnat to leave until hurricane season is completely over! LOL that way I’m safe, and we can enjoy a real season of “FALL” 😉 and see leaves change!! ooough.

    Love from KY! ~bonnie

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    Mary Ann says

    I’ve never heard of a Peter Pepper before – thanks for the pic so I didn’t have to use my imagination. LOL

    Do you think they will grow in WI?