This Isn’t Fun Anymore!

Chad’s car was ready to be picked up yesterday.  I was so darned happy to have it back.  I’ve been taking him to work, picking him up from work, taking him to school, picking him up from school.  Over the weekend he had to be at work at 7:00a.m.  Last night he didn’t get out of school til 9:30.

I drove him up to El Dorado Springs to pick up the car.  We got there and as Chad was putting stuff in the car, I noticed dents on the roof of his car.  I walked over there and said “Chad, do you know there are a couple of dents on top of your car?”  They’re not huge dents but how the heck do you get dents on top of your car?  He said “I’ll tell you about it later!”  . . which means . . I hope you forget and never mention it again because there’s no way I’m bringing it up! I said . . no, you tell me now!  Well, seems that when he was hanging out in Lamar on Sunday nights supposedly at the drive in movie, which I doubt ever happened . . there was a fight one night and someone was on top of Chad’s car!  Who?  Didn’t know the person! Never saw them before or after.  Hmmm . . maybe that’s true . . maybe it isn’t.

Tell me those kinds of things happen to other kids . . not just mine!

So the car is running so good!  They changed the transmission, put in new spark plugs, changed the fuel filter, some kind of master oxygen sensor.  He called me after I got home and told me that it was just running so good!  He was so happy.

Vince was out of town yesterday so I decided to run get myself a hamburger at my favorite joint and who do I meet as I was pulling out of White Grill . . Chad!  He pulls over and says “listen to my car!”  OMG!  What’s wrong with it now?  He took it to the car wash and decided to pressure wash the engine and now it’s making a terrible noise and the engine light is back on!  He’d already been to Auto Zone and had it hooked up to the computer.  He thinks he got something wet and it will dry and be fine.

No!  That isn’t how things work around here.  He called about 5:00 to tell me it wouldn’t start.  Vince went to help him but couldn’t find him so I went to meet him and then Vince found him.  They took the spark plug wires of this shiny metal box (I know nothing about cars . . only that Chad’s engine is so nice and clean . . although not working!)  There was lots of water in this metal box.  They tried to dry it out with paper towels.  Finally got the car started, brought it home.  Tomorrow we’ll take it down to get the oil and filter changed.  Dad said to drive it about a week and then get the oil and filter changed again.

So just a few hours after Chad getting his car back, it’s now parked and I’m hauling him around again!  Grrrr!

Oh, and totally not Chad’s fault but somewhere in the chaos, Speck has decided that going to the bathroom between 3:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. is necessary.  So, for the past 5 or 6 mornings, he and I are out walking around in the moonlight.  Who needs sleep??

I’m not sure if it’s possible or feasible or even allowed, but I think I’m about ready to run away from home!  And, just for the record — I don’t recommend eating a greasy burger and an order of greasy Suzies just before getting news that there may be water in the engine of a vehicle with a new transmission that has less than 50 miles on it!

But . . really . . don’t worry about me!  There’s still fun to be had at my house . . even if it’s only the grasshoppers!


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    Patricia Doyle says

    Hi Judy, I smiled — and nodded my head because I surely could relate — when I read your blog today. (Thanks by the way for all the free patterns you make available to all of us. They’re the best and so are you!) Anyway, your stories of Chad’s car are humorous in spite of the frustration they must be adding to your life. And they are the kind I can easily relate to. P.S. Your personal story of a few blog-entries back was very beautiful. I’m so glad for Chad and for you. Have a great day. Pat Doyle – Appleton, WI

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    Running away is definitely an option! I know about a great quilt retreat being held in upstate NY this weekend where fall is just beginning and everything is beautiful. Wanna come with me?

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    Aren’t sons fun?!?! AUGH!! I feel for you Juday, I really do. Hang on in there and open a bottle of wine.
    Loved the picture of the grasshoppers hahaha

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    LOL well that was good for a morning chuckle! Chin up… the kid will be gone soon enough and then you’ll have all the wild freedom to yourself!

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    Hoping things beging to look up for you! But I am very curious, why does one pressure wash their engine? First, who cares if its dirty? Second, Water + Engine doesn’t sound good to little ole me who never even washes the outside of her car! 🙂

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    That’s not just a guy thing, my daughter did the same thing with the first car we bought for her. They do grow up, leave home and you have all those ‘wonderful’ memories. Later on (much later) they seem ‘wonderful’. It was a long time before I could say ‘do you remember when?’ and laugh about it.


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    Traci says

    Judy…hehe!! Love the grasshopper picture, so funny.

    Sorry about Chad and Speck…do you need a nap or a drink??


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    Ah yes, been there, done all that with not one, but two boys! Have faith, it does get better. Hang in there and for now just keep adding things to “the box”.

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    Ahhhh, I remember those days with our oldest son. I am sure that we will be going through it again in time with Ethan. It does get better, unless they marry someone that doesn’t like you. lo I probably shouldn’t mention that, don’t want to give you something else to lose sleep over. Speck is doing a good job of that right now. :~)

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    I never pray for strength because I know God will put some major obstacle in my life to show He gave me strength! LOL One day I pulled up to my favorite gas station and as I’m pumping gas I heard the guy next to me tell someone, “Did you hear about Charlene’s son’s fight last night? He beat soandso’s son up.” And I knew soandso was an attorney. All day I had visions of being served papers for a major lawsuit. Boys never share things with their mothers! Hang in there because eventually they produce beautiful grandchildren for you to enjoy – their redeeming quality!

  11. 13


    Yep, we all go through things like that! I’ve been getting phone calls from my newly at college daughter about every other day saying, “Mom, I’m ready to come home now!” It’s gotten to the point that I AM RUNNING AWAY!!! I’ve booked two nights in a hotel in Lancaster, PA in October and I’m going all by myself. :o) I’ve told my family I am running away and I will contact them when I deem necessary. So…do it!

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    Linda says

    Oh, Judy! This brings back boy raising memories. There’s the night my son decided to teach his car to swim–going too fast around a curve on a gravel road and slid into a flooded ditch where the water was deep enough to run into the car. Got pulled out, some guy did something with some little tube to get water out of some place on the engine (notice my great knowledge of car engines) so it started. Next morning at coffee I kept getting asked if my son & his car were OK. Of course I knew nothing about it. Seems him & his buddy spent a good part of the night down at the implement shop wet vac-ing his car. This was in Jan. mind you, so we wound up with the carpet & insulation from his car dripping on towels in the house until it dried out. Fun! Then there was the time he and a friend came home pushing the car up the street (same car), laughing their asses off, with big ole bearings falling out & rolling down the street. They’d driven down a cow trail somewhere, there was a hole in the middle that they drove over, only there was a big rock in the middle of the hole that broke something on the bottom of the car. They made it to within a couple blocks of our house & had to push it the rest of the way. That one cost him $300. Even though they’re in their 30’s now he & his friends still wax nostalgic over that car, & they thank God it can’t talk!!! and tell stories about all the crap they did way back when. Yes, tell me about boys and cars……………..

  13. 15


    This is the price you have to pay for grandchildren.

    Speck must be responding to the full moon or something. Honey is getting up early each day also. But not that early……………..

    Do you dress for these moonlight strolls or go out in your jammies and robe?

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    Pat says

    Let me tell you….it’s not a heck of a lot better with girls. I have two…both grown and married…and the one just called me NOW to tell me her car was entered and robbed last night and all her CD’s (including a demo one that she is in the process of recording) were stolen. I asked if the windows were broken and she said she THOUGHT she had locked the car, but guesses she didn’t. The police have come and made a report on it….and they said it’s probably kids and sometimes they catch them within a few days (other cars had the same problem last night) and after they catch them, they often do recover some of the stolen items. When she and her hubby had been laid off from work, their car decided to die….and guess who had to help? It was either that or they had no way to even go on job interviews. It seems many of them never totally grow up or get to the stage when they can be totally independent AND when something happens, they call Mom right away. And…they wonder why we turn grey, get ulcers, high blood pressure, etc???? Sorry you are going through this….my thoughts are with you as I know the knot-in-the-stomach feeling that comes along with this kind of stuff.

  15. 17


    When my oldest son was driving sometimes I had to loan him my car or I loaned it anyway. After he had driven it a few times I noticed little dents in the hood, roof and trunk lid. I asked where they came from and stood with my mouth gaped open as he said where he hung out with his friends they would take short cuts to other vehicles by walking on them. I wish I could say he never drove it again but sadly he did. Another time I found a bush under it that no one knew how it got there. After he was grown and gone he told us he had run through a ditch into a field when the road he was on stopped. We did survive two boys though.

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    Cindy B. says

    This too shall pass? And let me tell you: boys are soooo much easier than girls!

    hmmm… I am 57. Why am I adopting a 10 year old girl?!

  17. 20


    Well, all that is one reason to be glad my boys are out of the house and on their own but Chesty is making up for it.

    I am so tired of having to carry him everywhere (no stairs allowed) keep him on a short lease every second he’s not in his crate, trying to explain to a DOG why he can’t play….

    I’m going to run away from home if his next x-ray in October doesn’t show that his knee is healed so that they can lift his restrictions!

  18. 21


    Oh, Judy, I feel for you as I’ve been through the “SON YEARS” and so you have my deepest sympathy right now! This too shall pass. Not to depress you but our son was nearly 30 before the craziness ended. Gotta love ’em though. LOL at the the grasshoppers! Take care of yourself in all this and thanks for sharing so much with others along the way!

  19. 23


    Judy, we are going to have to put a rating on your blog. First Peter Pepper and then Grasshoppers having fun. Hope you get your troubles behind you so you can have fun as well.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    The grasshoppers made me LOL! Yep! You took me by surprise….so funny! About Chad…it’s a guy thing I think. I feel your pain.

  21. 25

    Martha says

    Boys will be boys no matter their ages. We have had some ‘helpers’ wash our car’s engine. . . only it was a race engine. . . no comment on what that cost to repair.