Quilt for an Hour

I love this quilt!  I showed it to the Little Balkans Guild when I was there Monday night (yes, they all got to see it before you did!).

The name of this quilt will be Shine On Bayou Cane.  This is in honor of the ladies in Houma, Louisiana, where I had just taught before Hurricane Gustav hit their area.  Bayou Cane is near Houma in Terrebonne Parish.  It’s a gorgeous bayou . . here’s a picture I found online.  And, my quilt will go to the orphanage in Houma that the Cane Cutters Guild supports.

With my new computer, Vista and Office 2007, it’s so much easier for me to post these in PDF format.  You will need Version 8 or newer of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free.  There are several places available but I believe this one will work.

The files for this QFAH will be removed from the website on November 1, 2008.  That’s one week after the last instructions are posted.

Fabric Requirements are here.

Instructions will begin Monday, October 6.


  1. 1

    Martha says

    Lovely quilt! It’s perfect for my MIL’s Christmas gift. Thanks for your time and effort you put in designing such beautiful quilts for those of us who can’t design a way out of a paper bag.

  2. 2


    It’s a beautiful quilt. I was so going to try to NOT do this QFAH. I really don’t have time but………it’s so pretty……..and I love stars…………and it’s only an hour

    what to do, what to do…

  3. 4

    Becky R says

    I love this pattern with the colors and all! I’m also one that leans to the lime green a lot. Thansk for sharing.

  4. 5

    Mary Lea says

    Love the quilt. I don’t know where you find the time…don’t sleep do you
    Going to check out my stash …it’s just an hour a day

  5. 6


    Ooh! Ooh! (Waving hand in the air) Me! Me!

    I thought I was going to get paperwork done this weekend. NOPE. I’m off to gather fabrics for the QFAH quilt.

    It is bee-yoo-tee-ful!

  6. 7

    pdudgeon says

    Judy, you’re right on time!
    I had just this morning pulled fabrics out of my stash for another quilt, but i like this pattern better.
    so it’s out with the old pattern and in with the Bayou Cane!
    Big smile here. Thanks for helping me to use my stash.

  7. 10


    Count me in too! I am going to make this for my son. He loves the colors black and red so that will be my background colors. Can’t wait to get started.