Please Take My EQ Away!

Can someone please come and remove it from my computer?  I can’t get anything done!  I’m addicted.  This is like chocolate to me.  It doesn’t matter that I have deadlines to meet, quilts for others to quilt, a house to clean, a life to live . . all I want to do is play with EQ.  I go to sleep at night with quilt ideas swimming around in my head; I wake up in the morning with a new quilt I can’t wait to sketch.

I’m honored to have been asked to design 12 blocks for a Shop Hop.  Got them all done and approved a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday Chad was at work or at school almost all day; Vince had class that night so I really had the entire day to myself.  I told myself I would get the instructions written for 6 blocks and then in a day or two, do the next six blocks.  I was on a roll and got them all done but it took pretty much the whole day.

Hopefully before I leave next week, I’ll have all the blocks made!

There’s more to life than quilting!  It has to be true because that’s what Vince told me.  Don’t tell Vince but I’m thinking he could be wrong on this issue.  I do love EQ!


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    If you want to send it my way for babysitting just for a while, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. I have wanted one of these programs for a long time, but maybe I had better not. I already don’t clean my house. I really don’t need another excuse!

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    Does Vince realize how wrong he is? Or do we all have to pounce on him and tell him. I envy your day to yourself. Wish I could have one.

    I also wish I lived closer so I could get your shop hop designs!!! That is just not fair. 🙂

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    I might just have to get EQ6 upgrade. I bought 5 years ago, but T-Rex, the computer, couldn’t handle it. Now that I have a new computer, I might just be able to figure that thing out.

    I really need another addiction.

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    Mary in Iowa says

    I am a FCS teacher and have had some interest in students designing their own quilts. I have not ever used this program. Would this be easy for High School students to master or is there quite a learning curve?

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    Nice new photo! (and I loved the older ones, the other day – weren’t we all so young and “skinny”?)

    I am not an EQ-er. I don’t find the program at all intuitive so while it is loaded on my ‘puter, I don’t use it. Really should take a class so that I make some use of it. Alas!


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    Judy, I see you as a complusive workaholic!!!! You had a job to do and you did it!!! And having to do it in EQ…..the job doesn’t get any better than that.

    Karen L

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    Since so many of us benefit from your talent with the EQ program, I will not be taking it away from you.

    Keep designing girlfriend!!!!

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    Do you know I got EQ6 for christmas and have not even loaded it on my computer for the simple fact that I my not get anything else done…also afraid of trying to learn it…

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    I’ve really missed my EQ time – I’ve been really focused on quilting so I haven’t been playing with EQ as much as usual. I’ve decided that Oct will be more piecing than quilting so once I finish up a couple projects I hope to be playing with EQ again!

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    Diana says

    Owning EQ5 since it came out I loaded it on my computor and there it stayed.. unloved! So in a mad moment I updated to EQ6 enroled on a QU course and now I am completely addicted, just finished the 4th QU course and designed so many quilts that I will never live long enough to make! Happy Room Diana

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    Can someone please give me a quick lesson on how to exploit my EQ5 and 6? I do so much reading for school that I do not want to read a mannual on EQ 5 or 6. I even have the new version of Quiltpro that I know a bit better then EQ. That’s only because it’s easier to use. No I haven’t read any mannuals on that one either. I’m a software junky!

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    Diana says

    Carole, I too was in the same position as you with my EQ5 then 6. Hated reading the manual, but I signed up for a Quilt University course and Bingo.. it all made sense and now I cannot stop designing things [ leaves no time for making them!]. DIana