Phones . . Who Needs ‘Em?

Last week we received an e-mail from AT&T that we no longer have to have a land line to have DSL.  Vince doesn’t have a cell phone so he decided to get one.  Ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Friday.  He put in the order to cancel our land line, effective September 25.  He got all the info on changing our modem numbers so we’d still have DSL.

After ordering the cancellation of the land line, I happened to think that our Dish Network dual receiver is hooked to a phone line and I remember Vince telling me . . don’t ever unhook that phone line! I called Dish Network to see what would happen if the receiver isn’t hooked to a phone line.  Nothing . . except you’ll have to pay an additional $5/month.  What?  Why?

This conversation was taking place Friday after:

(1)  Chad’s car cost almost $200 to dry out following his little engine soaking.

(2)  Chad’s car needed tires . . which I did buy because I had told him I would put a set of tires on when he needed them.

(3)  I found bugs in my small pantry and everything had to be taken out.  Most things I just threw away because I didn’t want to take a chance on eating a bug or bug poop and I want them gone . . all of them . . gone now!

So, I was more than happy to tell her to cancel the Dish Network too.  No way was I going to pay an additional $60/year just because the phone line isn’t hooked to the receiver . . and it works just fine with or without a phone line.  Then she proceeds to tell me that they may be able to waive the fee.  Lady, I would be thrilled to have no TV in this house.   You can waive it or you don’t have to waive it . . it absolutely doesn’t matter to me! She very quickly talked to her supervisor, waived the fee and our Dish Network will go on without interruption.  My family has no idea how close they came to losing TV!

Not to worry though.  Monday, before the land line was disconnected, Vince looked at the cell phone, had a not so friendly conversation with AT&T who had set it up as a separate line instead of an additional line on our existing account.  Canceled the cell phone and we’re keeping the land line.

Just goes to prove that life is never dull at my house!


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    Don’t you just sometimes look around, sigh and tell yourself that nothing is ever easy anymore??!! What happened to the good ole days of sitting on the porch, drinking iced tea and saying hey to the neighbors…who aren’t crazy and don’t let their dog poop in the yard???

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    I hate this whole phone decision thing…I say get rid of the land line, my husband says no. We have cable internet so we don’t need it for that. During Hurricane Ike we couldn’t use the phones we have because they’re electric…had one old regular one and it worked. The cell phones worked too though I’m surprised. But why do we have to have phone access 24/7? Our grandmothers didn’t. blessings, marlene

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    I have been catching up on my blogs and read through your last several posts. Wow, that is a lot of wheat you have stored up at your house. One comment on the land lines. Around here, South Carolina, we lose power frequently and live in the country – so at the last outage which lasted about 10 hours, the land line was the only thing that worked. Our cell phones went dead as we did not have them fully charged – who knew a transformer would be knocked out by a car accident. The cordless phones in the house all require electricity to work. Our trusty old plug in the wall phone that is about 15 years old worked like a charm. Its the one I keep beside my bed as I have elderly parents, one on oxygen, and need the security in knowing they can reach me – power or no power – if they need me.

    I am an EQ6 addict too!!

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    I guess I would only worry about 911?? Would police, fire and ambulance be able to track the cell phone number to your residence if you can’t give them the address?
    Oh, I guess I worry too much…

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    I have never understood the phone company and their “many” rules, procedures and the clause under section 4, paragraph 8 that they always try to pull on me….LOL…..At this point, I’m thinking to heck with all the “need to be hooked into everything in order to communicate”……..maybe I’ll go back to hollering over the fence or tell the neighbor to pass the word…..hummmm…it’s something to think about. …….take care.

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    shannon says

    We have to ” have” a land line for internet and the T.V., but we don’t even have a phone on the jack. We use cell phones exclusively.

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    I’ve been thinking about cancelling the land line too, but have been nervous about the what if’s.
    I hope you didn’t get any bugs in your wheat!

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    I’ll never get rid of my land line. Something about always having a connection, no missed or dropped calls. And the biggest reason…..I’m listed in the phone book so when someone wants to get ahold of me for business……there my name is.

    Karen L

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    I’ve been wanting to get rid of our house line for years but my husband is stubborn and won’t have it.

    I also have dish and have never had a phone line hooked up to the satellite. It’s amazing how DISH and other companies will do anything to shake you down for another $5.

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    Phones are the pits anymore as far as what to have and what not to have. And we have Cox cable company, so throw that in the mix and we get lots of mail wanting us to switch to one or the other, but there always seems to be a catch someone. And a whole lot of time gets wasted.

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    I think where phones are concerned there are so many pitfalls it take your breath away. Do you sometimes get the feeling you wish you had let the man of the house sort it all in the first place? I do, often!

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    we have lived both ways with land line and without.. but that is crazy the dish people were gonna charge you more $$$ money eveyr month without one! crazy!

    I laughed out loud when I read how Vince & Chad hve no idea how close they came to loosing their boob tube! LOL 😛 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    I unhooked our Dish network from the phone line over a year ago and they avhe never charged me for it. the installation guy told me that after the first month they don’t pay attention.