APQS – I’m a Dealer

For those who follow my blog (and for those who don’t . . why don’t you??), you know that I truly love my Millennium.  I’m proud to say that Vince and I are now officially APQS dealers.  That means I can sell you a Millennium . . or a Freedom . . or . . or anything APQS has to offer.  Call me . . I’m waiting.  You could be my first sale!! 🙂

Back in 2000 or 2001, when I was at the point of quitting quilting on that poor old shortarm or getting a real longarm, Vince and I were both doing our own research separately.  He’s brutal when he researches something; I wasn’t so brutal but we both came to the conclusion that APQS was the company for us.  Vince liked the people he talked to; felt they were honest and he liked their responses to his technical questions.  He liked the construction and design of the APQS machines.  I liked that everyone I talked to who owned an APQS loved their machines.

For years, I’ve shared with anyone who would listen how much I love my Millennium.  Now, I will officially represent APQS.  Vince will do setup and maintenance.

Seriously, if you want a longarm, or think you might be interested in a longarm, for your own use or for a business, I’d be thrilled to spend some time with you.


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    Oh how I wish I had room for one Judy! We downsized at retirement to a much smaller home and I’m lucky to have room for my Janome! But I’m so glad you’re going to represent something you love – my Dad always said if you don’t love it you can’t sell it. He was a salesman extraordinaire! blessings, marlene

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    I own an APQS Millennium myself and I agree with you. The machines are top notch and the company and dealers are great. I’m so glad to see you join that team. It’s a winner all around! Congrats on your new venture Judy! You will do them proud!

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    Congratulations Judy! If I ever get more room and feel the urge to upgrade, the Millennium is the machine I want, and I know just who to call!

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    Nancy W. says

    Congratulations Judy. I wish I could have bought my Millie from you. You will be fantastic at this.

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    I’m using an older short arm now (Design-a-quilt); currently have two kids in college – one more year of tuition, and then I’m going to be ready for a true longarm. So feel free to educate me about all the wonders of APQS in the meantime!!!

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    Just today, while at the NW Quilting Expo, I test drove an APQS Millie! That is THE machine I want so bad I can taste it. But I will be good and continue to quilt on my short arm without a stitch regulator and dream. I told the lady when I grow up, this will be my machine!

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    Congratulations!!! If I ever decide that I want upgrade from my mid-arm, the APQS is the one that I would upgrade too! So, if that day comes you will have a customer in me! How far would Vince go to set one up?

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    Marilyn says

    Judy = this means if I need something, I can order from you. Are you and
    Vince going to classes..is this why you are going t obe gone?

    I am so happy for you! I am about ready to try out my first quilt on my Millie. You gave me so much help in answeriny my questions…and I did it.

    Are you coming to Road again this year? I hope so!



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    I’m actually shopping for a longarm and doing research now. I have called most of the longarmers in my area and they have Gammills, A-1’s and 1 has a APQS. So I know next to nothing; but am open to lots of information. Unfortunately I live a bit to far for it to be your first sale….

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    Becky R says

    What’s the price range for a machine like this? I don’t currently have one but it could fit in nicely with building up my empire before retirement in about 6 years.
    Becky R

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    WOOOOHOOOO! Congrads! I just bought a new Millie back in April 08 and had it delivered late July! Her Name is Penelope and I just love her to pieces. Although at the moment we are butting heads! lol Congrads again!