Longarm Gadget for Circles

If you’re a longarm quilter or a shortarm quilter or quilting on your domestic machine, unless  you’re way better than I am, perfect circles are almost impossible unless you have help.  The Circle Lord is a great tool.  It makes circles and all kinds of cool shapes.  Michael and his wife, Kay, are wonderful to work with and I love their product.

Often I avoid using it though because you have to set it up at the back of the machine and do your stitching from the front so it’s constant walking to the back of the machine, positioning the Circle Lord, walking back to the front, stitching, walking to the back to reposition . . etc.

A few weeks ago, I was on the APQS message board and someone mentioned the Topper.  You use it from the front of the machine and you can just pop the stylus out and continue stitching without removing the whole gizmo.

Here it is on my machine:

It’s quality built, so easy to use — I love it!  Linda and her husband make these and their customer service is great!  The table for my machine is an older model and I forgot to tell them that and the first one they sent me didn’t fit quite right.  I must be the only Millennium user left in the world with my style of table.  They custom make my wooden piece and even made it adjustable so that if/when I get a new table, I’ll be able to make it fit.  Can’t beat that kind of service!

You can’t see them very well in this picture but here’s a perfect circle.

And, here’s the feather wreath made from the perfect circle:

As of now, they’re only making the Topper for APQS machines so . . you know what that means!  No, I’m not going to say you need an APQS machine but . . if you already have an APQS machine, check out the Topper.


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    I am so happy for you!!! An APQS Rep! that is certainly a big deal and couldn’t happen to a nicer person. 🙂
    I swear if the hubby gets deployed I am going to treat myself to a longarm. I quilted two quilts yesterday with my sewing machine…it is just so hard. I love to send them out to my quilter but that gets expensive. I figure that with what I pay to get a quilt done I can pay a long arm off in no time.
    The circle maker is pretty neat too.

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    I love that Circle Lord! I am a Hinterberg frame right now, it doesn’t always take some of those tools. How much easier it would be if it did though! Thanks for sharing!

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    Congratulations on becoming a dealer for APQS!

    My Premier is small enough that I can usually work across the quilt from the back – less walking but I tend to use my giant templates more than my circle maker.