Speak Your Mind

Without getting political, I want to encourage you to contact your congressmen often and let them know how you feel. If you’re a blog reader living in the U.S. and haven’t written to your representatives and senators lately, shame on you!  There are major issues facing these elected officials . . issues that can change our country and have a huge impact on our kids and grandkids.  Do your civic duty and know what’s happening in D.C. and in your state capitol and let your representatives and senators know how you feel.  Sometimes it seems like a waste of time and they may never ever vote the way you want them to but my feeling is they’ve all had too much freedom for too long. It’s time we, as taxpayers, let them know what we think/expect and hold them accountable for their votes.

Please take some time, not just on the current issues but on future issues too, and let them know how you feel and to let them know that you’re keeping up with how they’re voting.

Folks . . they are supposed to represent YOU.  YOU pay their salaries (or, in theory that’s how it’s supposed to happen).  There may be lobbyists and other not so ethical people paying them way more than the taxpayers they are supposed to be representing but that’s a discussion for another day.

If you don’t know how to get in touch with your representatives and senators (both state and federal), search the internet, find the pages and bookmark them.  If they have e-mail addresses, add it to your address book so you can easily get in touch with them.  Just do it!

And . . once you do it, put on decent clothes, makeup, bra . . the works . . because you never know when they may pay you a personal visit! 🙂


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    Amen. And if you get “lucky” enough that one stops and pays a visit, by all means lock them up in the basement and throw away the key. These bozo’s are hell bent on milking every last dollar out of the system before they entirely collapse it. We’re being led to slaughter…. and most of us aren’t even putting up a fight.