A Day to Myself

Vince left way early Friday morning to go down to Neosho to some kind of “being more green” seminar.  It was a 2 day seminar — yesterday and today so he spent the night.  I talked to him last night and I think . . I think I wasn’t paying attention because all I remember from a one hour conversation is (1) it costs too much for us to install solar panels; (2) goats are fun to watch; (3) someone about 20 miles north of here sells organic chickens but you have to call and order them ahead of time but Vince can’t remember who it is.  I’m not sure how you order if you don’t know who to call but . . we’ll figure it out.

Speaking of chickens . . do you all know what a big chicken I am?  I am so scared of the dark.  I am even scared when Vince is home but I’m really, really, really scared when I’m here by myself.  Of course, since Vince was gone, Chad had 2 parties he had to attend and didn’t get home til 1 a.m.  What does a fraidy cat like me do when the dog has to go out — on a leash — with a human attached to the leash and I’m the only human in the house?  Don’t think I didn’t consider calling the police to come watch me take him out.  I didn’t but I surely wasn’t happy traipsing around in my front yard at midnight.

So, what did I do with an entire day to myself?

First, I screwed up this block.

What’s screwed up?  Well, there’s more to the block than you see and I made the one on the left too big . . quite a bit too big so I had to remake the one on the right.  I wasn’t sure about that red center in the one on the left and I didn’t like it so much anyway.

What else did I do?

I screwed up the new block I made.

See the bottom of the red point?  Remember the iron that I love so much but the temperature control dial fell out last year?  This iron . .

I loved that iron so much but I knew it was getting too hot and yep, it burned a hole right in the fabric so now the T-Fal iron that I loved for so long has been tossed in the trash, a new block has been made and this is the iron I’ll use for a while.

One of the reasons I had quit using this iron after I first bought it 5 or 6 years ago is because it beeps.  It beeps all the time!  It beeps when it gets to the right temp; it beeps when it’s fixing to go to sleep; it beeps again right before it falls asleep and it beeps a series of beeps as it’s turning itself off.  But . . remember that I mentioned that I come to the computer while I wait for the iron to re-heat and then I forget about it and then it shuts itself off? Not this one . . ain’t no one going to forget about it because it just sits over there and beeps and chirps and squeals.  Maybe I’ll like it this time.  And, it seems to heat up real fast and . . I can control the temp because it isn’t missing that vital component!

You might think that’s the only things I messed up yesterday but . . that wouldn’t be quite right.  Notice anything wrong with this block?

I can’t remember the last time I had so many boo-boos in one day.  Oh well . . that helps keep one humble.


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    My days are always filled with booboo’s. At times I think I AM a booboo. LOL

    We keep waiting for the cost of solar to come down too, we’d love to switch over. I admit though, I am an energy hog.

    As for those organic chickens… did you mean organic eggs? How can a chicken be organic? We always raised our meat (non-certified) organically, so the product was “clean”… (grass fed beef, sheep, free range poultry, etc) but I never thought about the critters being organic. :)~~

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    Glad to know that you are a normal quilter! I researched solar panels for our house once. To totally take us off the grid it wasa going to cost over $150k and I would need the roof of the house, garage and guest house to hold all of the panels. The people pushing that technology are not being honest about it’s viability in mass application. We have a nuclear plant nearby – I’m happy for that!

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    Hi Judy, I have been visiting your post for a long time, don’t think I have ever left you a comment before. But wanted you to know I really do enjoy reading all you post.I love this post, cause I can relate with the fraidy cat business, it’s a good thing I don’t have a pet, It would have had to wait until DS got home…lol…
    I certainly know how to mess blocks up, my DH tells everyone I like to unsew as well as I like to sew….I let him think that as I don’t want him to know it’s always mistakes that cause the unsewing….Have a good one and come visit my blog sometime.Thanks, Jewell aka Bobbin

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    I always thought that you never made any mistakes in quilting! :~) You are like a quilting icon to me, so it is good to know that someone like you, with your experience, can still make mistakes. I won’t be so hard on myself in the future! And to find out that you are a fraidy cat too! Just like me! I hate it when Randy has to work in the evenings. And another thing that we have in common is the scary bridge thing.
    Don’t worry though, I still want to be you when I grow up! LOL

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    It happens to the best of us. I usually make mistakes this this when I’m tired and, since, I sew a lot late at night I make more than my share.

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    Momma said there’d be days like this! I hate staying at my house alone with my 2 dogs that are bigger scardy cats than I am!!! There are things in the dark!

    Sorry about your iron. Why is it so hard to find a good iron like the last good iron???

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    Judy, it’s so fun to get a peek into your day. I had a rare weekend alone last weekend, and I surprised myself at how edgy I was. I told DH how much I missed him — for his vacuuming talents, spider-killing abilities, and the comfort of his protection, not necessarily in that order.

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    Of dear…you’re human! I knew you were, but you are so creative, I forget sometimes! LOL!

    I do not like staying home alone either…thank goodness for large dogs that would bite someone…just as along as the intruder isn’t a cat-they’re scared of cats!

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    Okay, first off? I have a T-Fal iron. This is the first iron I’ve owned that I can’t just crank up to the top (which is, I guess, officially Linen) but I have to back off to the cotton setting. I have the scorched projects to prove it. But I do love my iron!

    Secondly? I feel your pain about midnight walks. Mr. W. took a job that has him gone from 9:15 at night to 7:30 in the morning. Puppy-butt’s last walk at night is between 11:00 and midnight. We live in the sticks, where there are wild critters (some carnivorous) roaming the hills – 100 yards away – at night. I don’t worry much about me, but I think my dog is so sweet that I’m sure that she’d be a tasty morsel for a cougar or coyote. (We’re also less than 5 miles from a “confirmed” Bigfoot sighting, but I as I understand it, you can smell them coming. And anyway, they’re vegetarian, right?)

    I also turn off the icemaker while Mr. W’s gone. Mysterious thunking and clunking in the kitchen while I’m all alone really gets the adrenaline going!

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    Pam says

    No matter how hard we try to be perfect in our piecing, we have to do do some “frog” sewing. It seems to run in cycles, at least for me. I like the change of red in the block re-do.
    I think we appreciate our spouses even more after they have been away for a few days.
    I enjoy the humor in your blog.

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    ok, that last messup looks really interesting. i need to put it in eq6 and fiddle with it a bit. if i can make it do what i want i’m naming the quilt after you!

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    It amazes me how much posting you do and what you get done in a day…and such variety…I would never think to capture it…It is always a joy to read…I thought you ‘never’ make a mistake in quilting…enjoy so much your expertise…even though you had a day of boo boos…I have them often ….irons??? that is another whole subject…thanks for all the time you take to share….

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    I think there was some strange allignment with the planets yesterday or something wierd happening astrologically (sp?). Nothing was going quite right for me. Fortunately, I never got ’round to do any sewing. I hate to think what would have happened!