A Couple of Quilts

I just finished quilting this and it’s so cute.  I hope by clicking on the image to make it larger you can see some of the details the maker put in each block.  She made it for her granddaughter and I know she’s going to love it.  It gave me some good places to make feathers too! 🙂

This one is a panel and will be used as a table topper.  I wouldn’t mind one of these for myself.  Isn’t that a pretty panel?  All I did was outline stitch around the shapes, stitch in the ditch on the narrow borders and do a meandering leaf using variegated thread in the two outer borders.

I sometimes overlook panels but I need to pay more attention to them.  I also quilted a whole quilt made from panels and I was going to take a picture of it but it’s really big and already folded to go into a box to be sent back and I’m not about to unfold it and have to fold it back up again.  Sorry . . I’m lazy like that!


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    I forgot to mention…you were mentioned in a class I took at the Utah Quilt Fest Friday night. The speaker was talking about bloggers who post how much fabric they use…she could remember your first name and that “patchwork” was in the blog title. In fact, “you” were the best part of a disappointing class!

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    You aren’t lazy! You’re doing your part to conserve energh! I think I am going to need LOTS more practice before I can quilt as well as you.

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    What an adorable Sunbonnet Sue! And the quilting really shows it off–great job all around!

    I haven’t bought any panels, either, but I like that one.

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    Your quilting is incredible. I’ve been quilting more and love looking at pictures from those that actuallyknow what they are doing!!!