Treats in My Mailbox

Friday my mailman delivered a couple of very nice packages!

One was a t-shirt that Vicki had dyed.  I loved it when she showed it and she offered a few of her dyed shirts for sale for a donation to one of her favorite charities.  Here’s the t-shirt I received.  I love it!

An unexpected package package from Ann in Oregon — it’s a little bitty wall hanging with beads hanging down, and beads decorating it — so cute!  And, it has a tiny little hanging sleeve on the back.  I thought for a while about what I might stick in there and . . a knitting needle is perfect!  It’s hanging on my breakfast room wall and looks fantastic (although my wall looks way too olive in this picture).  Ann, if you’ll send me your blog address, I’ll link back to you too.

And, Vicky continued cleaning out her stash before she left and sent me another top that wasn’t completed, some green fabric after I’d been whining about being low on green (oops, that should’ve been added to my stash report I guess since that’s for me but hey . . I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t pay for it so maybe not!), as well as some fat quarter packs to add to my donation work.

Thanks Vicki, Ann and Vicky for the treats in my mailbox this week!


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    I’m glad you like it – I though we would see you modeling it though! Maybe you can wear it the next time an elected official visits.

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    I love the T-shirt. It’s amazing how each shirt comes out just a little different each time. What size is your wall-hanging? I love it too! Take care.

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    Pat says

    Oh, no, no, no, no, NO!!! Unsolicited fabric that arrives as a gift is NOT counted in your stash report. Don’t even CONSIDER doing that!!! Now…maybe we are ON to something here….let’s see….if my friend covets some more blue fabric and I buy it and give it to her and I want some greens and she buys them and gives THEM to me, then neither of us has to count it as part of our stash, RIGHT???? 🙂