As Dressed Up As I Get

I so rarely have on makeup and decent clothes . . well, they’re actually black jeans but there are no holes in them . .  and since Chad snapped this picture of me the other night as Vince and I were leaving to go to a dinner, I thought I’d share it.   I was leaning over to give Speck a treat if you wonder why I’m kinda crooked.


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    My goodness, nice to SEE you. With all the cooking you do, how on earth do you stay nice and slim? You are also amazingly strong to resist all those goodies you come up with.

    Thanks for the photo. And that’s also about as dressed up as I get, also. I don’t even know what a ‘slip’ is any more.

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    Pat says

    You look very nice. I, too, seem rarely to get dressed up…which is a good thing, because most of my “dressy” clothes would only fit HALF of me now. *sigh*

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    Yep, black jeans is about as dressy as I get here too although I have bought a couple pretty shawls to throw across my shoulders when it’s cool – they look pretty fancy!

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    You look pretty snazzy to me! My usual garb is sweats and an old t-shirt. I have one pair of nylons I bought 12 years ago to wear to a wedding. That’s the only time I ever wore them!

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    CAROLE S says

    Black is a great color–my usual garb is jeans or shorts and t-shirt, and a jacket if I need it WHEN it gets cool here…HOT most of the time so I need to be comfy! I spend most days sewing and picking up around the house–why get dolled up for that? LOL

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    Rebecca says

    Tee-hee! Black jeans that aren’t too faded are my “dressing decent” outfit, too!

    Sometimes I do get more dressed up, but the black jeans are my “go-to” thing.