Knitting Season

Not sure why but I never seem to have time to sit and knit during the summer months.  But, I’m getting the urge to start knitting.  Couldn’t find my favorite pattern so I wrote Susan, who got me started by sending me yarn, needles and a pattern after I guess she got tired of reading on my blog how badly I wanted to knit but I just never did it.  So . . put up or shut up!  She sent me everything I needed to get started.  That pattern she sent me, Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter Designs is my favorite pattern.  Maybe because that’s the one I learned to knit socks with but I’ve tried 6 or 8 other patterns, including the circular  needle method and I just love using straight needles and this one pattern.  But . . like most of my treasured items, the sock knitting pattern is MIA.  I only wanted to know the name of the pattern so I could order myself one.  Guess I could’ve searched my blog for the name of the pattern but I didn’t think about that.  Oh, no!  Sending me the name of the pattern would be too simple for Susan.  She had to call her knitting shop and order it for me . . along with a surprise!

It’s much prettier in real life.  I should’ve put it on something besides this green mat.  I’ve already balled it and will knit it up into socks very soon!

Wonder how she knew I’d love this green color? 🙂

Thanks Susan!  I love it but I didn’t expect it.


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    pdudgeon says

    LOL i was just wondering this morning when you would have time to knit again.
    that yarn looks delicious! makes me think of lime sherbert.

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    Glad you liked the yarn……. Such a small thing to give to you when you give the rest of us in Blogland so much.