Show Us Block 5

We’re going to go back to using the Mr. Linky Box.  I’m traveling too much and am not near the computer enough to add the block pictures manually so I’ll figure out how to deal with the spam.  Please add your Block 5 pictures here.  Don’t forget — link to your specific blog post — not to your main blog.


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    I had a little trouble with this one. I’ll have to be more careful when cutting. I love this one though we spent a lot of time together today. Thanks again Judy I can hardly wait for the finished product.

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    Easy block compared to the first one. Either that or I’m getting a lot better with that 16th inch thing. Tamara, I’m impresed you got it done so fast and Julie, it’s the second post on the 1st. I’ll e-mail you with the URL.

    Judy, your instructions keep getting better. I loved the measurment of the component part given. Thank you.

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    Well I have it done and I must say it was the easiest. I am so enjoying the process of this quilt…thank you Judy…it will be a winner I am sure….

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    Katie says

    I’m not technically saavy enough to figure out how to link to my specific blog post, but I am enjoying making these blocks. I love the quilt and thank you so much Judy for doing this!

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    Block 5 is done, and I’m really liking how things are coming together. This is going to be a really lovely quilt! (And I mean that collectively, not mine specifically…)

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    Block 5 finished and two days to go before Judy launches the next block. I’m so excited and can hardly wait to see which one she chooses.
    Katie was asking how to link to a specific post. I found out: click on the title on the day you want and then the adress changes in adressline in your browser. Right click on it and copy it to Judy’s blog. Hope this makes sense, it’s a bit hard to explain in a forreign language. ;))

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    I am caught up, I am so excited. Thanks Judy, these are a bit of a challenge, but then for me lately what isn’t , lol.

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    This went together fast. I’ve been starching my material before cutting and that suggestion from my DIL has made all the difference in the world.