Copyright, Credit for Designs, etc.

Last week on a quilt group, a quilter posted a picture of a quilt made from a Quilt for an Hour project and didn’t mention that it was my design or that she had made it from my pattern.   No mention was made as to where she got the design.  Another poster mentioned that it looked like my design, which was a copyrighted design.  I thanked the second poster for mentioning that the design was mine.

I’ve just now come across the first poster’s blog where she mentioned how selfish “a certain designer” is, and that she lacks personal integrity.  Folks, I do not apologize for asking that if you show a picture of a quilt made from my design, you mention that it came from either me, Patchwork Times, Quilt for an Hour . . something that acknowledges that you used a design and pattern from me.  I’ve never come looking for someone who used my design and didn’t give me credit.  In fact, when this person posted the quilt, I didn’t even say anything.  After someone else mentioned it was my design, I thanked her for mentioning it and that’s when the maker of the quilt seems to have decided I was selfish and had no personal integrity.

I honestly don’t think I ask for a whole lot in return for the freebies I offer on here.  If you think I just spew these things out, with no time and effort, you’re very wrong.  The BOM that you’re doing (and so is the blogger who complained about me being selfish, and she also has/had plans to do the new Quilt for an Hour) I’ve made the Star BOM quilt three times to be sure I have everything correct before passing it on to you.  Do I need three of the same quilts?  NO!  But is it important for me to be sure things are correct before sharing them with you?  Yes!

It’s amazing to me how much some people can offer and how little respect we sometimes get for our efforts and attempts to share.

I’m disabling comments but you can e-mail me if you wish.  I really don’t care if I hear from you or not.  I know how most of you feel but it still hurts and disappoints me to find how disrespectful some people can be.