Just a Little Shopping

Well, loyal stashbusters, you have spoken.  In all fairness, I think I need to count all this fabric because even though I didn’t technically “buy” it, the stash is getting enhanced.  I will not add the fabric I’m ordering for kits because that’s not going into my stash.  It will serve its own purpose.  I’m also not adding fabric that has been donated for charity quilts because I don’t consider that to be fabric that is for my own use.

With that in mind, I’ve blown it.  There’s no way I’ll meet my goals for this year — not even if I sew day and night for the next three months.  Can’t do it.  This is a lot of fabric.  There are a few 6 yard pieces and more than a few 5 yard pieces.  But dang it . . how often do I get to go to my favorite quilt shop?

Vince and I met Betty and Steve, the owners of Village Mercantile, for dinner Tuesday night.  Thanks Betty & Steve! They suggested Western Ribeye, which was a place we’d never eaten.  The steaks were maybe the best we’ve ever had . . ever!  If the steaks I cook tasted anything like those, we’d have steak every night.  Don’t tell me eating that much red meat isn’t good for these old human bodies . . we’re not really going to have steak every night.

Our first stop before hitting the interstate on Wednesday morning was Village Mercantile.  Oh, I knew I missed that shop but until I actually walked in there, after having not been in almost 2 years, I don’t think I truly knew how much I missed it.  Samples!!  So many samples.  Fabric!!  So much fabric.   There is a ton of fabric in that shop and there’s hardly a single piece in there that I wouldn’t love to have.  When I see things made, I want one . . even things I know I’ll never make.  I refrained from getting several patterns I really wanted but I’ll probably keep thinking about them for a long time.

So, what’s in the bags?

The little bag is what Nancy gave me for helping her with the longarm.  I had no intention of her giving me anything so it was a pleasant surprise.  Nancy knows I love green so it’s three big pieces of greens.  Thanks Nancy!

Betty and I trade off quilting for fabric and this is what I came away with from her shop.

This is some of the fabric from the Shade Cascade line from Blank.  I have a pattern that needs some shading and these are the perfect fabrics for that quilt.

These are the fabrics that go with the shaded fabrics.  The dark pink is for the borders.  The center fabric is a really delicate white with a tiny pink pindot.  The lighter pink is for the backing.  I can’t wait to get started on this quilt.

If you click on this picture, you should be able to see the pattern better.  It’s a cute, simple apron pattern.

These are two 5 yard pieces for backgrounds.

This is a backing for a quilt I’m making for my niece’s baby . . as soon as I find the kit that’s hiding somewhere in my sewing room.

There’s more . . I’ll get to that later.  I had fun, fun, fun!


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    Can I go shopping with you??? I love all these fabrics, especially the shading ones. Its funny, I always love to see pastel shaded quilts that look old and loved, but when it comes time for me to select fabric for a quilt, there I am…sorting through the brights every time.

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    Judy, It’s a good thing you posted the 1st pic of the bags first… b/c if not, I would have sworn you had BLOWN IT BIG TIME… all the other pics look like you bought fabric by the BOLTS from the way you have them laid out!!! 😛 LOL

    So glad you had such a great visit back to your ole stomping grounds 😉 There are a few places we use to live that I’d love to have the chance to revisit their quilt shops.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie 😉

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    Judy, that is beautiful fabric and we have to add to our stash or we would have no stash to bust. Right? Judy, I read your other post about design credit and my opinion is that you aren’t the one that is selfish or lack integrity. I want to thank you for the freebies you give us and tell you that I plan to do 2 of the designs you have posted and will give you all the credit and send you pix of them. Now please don’t hold your breath to see them because it will take me awhile to get them done. Thanks so much Judy.

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    becky rhodes says

    Love that shaded group! I think you left out a word in your sentence about the loving the fabric at Village Mercantile. Had to chuckle – knew what you meant to say though. That steak on the website for w here you all ate dinner – mercy me that looked wonderful. Don’t feel bad about adding to your stash and not being ablet o use it all up. Where you live is not a place where you can run right out and find what you need. You have to stock up so that your creative side isn’t slowed down so this is a NECESSARY expense!
    So I say, carry on.

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    Marla says

    Judy, I live about a hundred miles west of Booneville! I have never been to the Village Mercantile but I sure am going to plan a trip there! Need to take my Viking machine to Evansville one day for a cleaning so can kill two birds with one stone! Just want to thank you for all you do regarding your selfless giving of your talent. You are truly appreciated!-Marla

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    Judy, Every business has to have the tools and raw materials for it to function……so adding fabric to your inventory is not a bad thing…..you need it to function in the workplace!!!! If you look at your numbers, you have every reason to be proud….you have used 340 yards of fabric…..how much of that was just used for the fun of it??? Most of that usage went to test patterns and for your book…..that to me says its for business purposes. How many people can say that they have fun in there job/business???? You get to make quilts everyday…..for business…..and still have alot of fun in the process. Life isn’t always about the numbers (yards in our case)!!!!!

    Karen L

    PS…..Nothing beats a good old piece of red meat!!!!

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    The way I view it is that focusing on using my stash has decreased the amount of fabric I buy – but I still buy – sometimes because I’ve depleted areas in my stash and don’t have the size or variety I need in a certain color (blues and reds this past year) other times because I need some 2 yard pieces for borders and pieced backings – and sometimes fat quarter bundles just because I love them.

    I’ve decided not to feel guilty anymore but to still focus on making quilts solely from stash. I’m excited because October is for piecing!

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    Rebecca says

    I guess I should read all the posts before commenting on older ones. I guess I went with the majority. :^)

    I love, love those shaded fabrics, and can’t wait to see what you do with them! I keep finding “Blank Textiles” in the selvage of some favorite fabrics at my LQS. They sure have good choices.

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    I’ve gotten hooked on aprons this year and that pattern looks like it would be a great one! And the fabric is perfect for it. Of course, all of the fabric is beautiful…and yes, we’re all jealous! blessings, marlene

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    It doesn’t get much better than that — quilt fabric shopping at a favorite store and a wonderful steak dinner. Love, love, love all your fabrics. Can’t wait to see the apron made up. It’s all divine. But I think my favorite is the floral background fabric!

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    pdudgeon says

    ok i’m drooling here!
    all those fabrics look great. thanks so much for the eye candy.