A Few Things

I’m home and have a few things I thought about while gone.  I’ll be leaving again Monday but will be able to get all the Quilt for an Hour posts done.

1. The Quilt for an Hour project starts Monday.  I’ll try to get a box over in one of my side bars so you don’t have to look for things.  Don’t forget that we’ll be doing one hour’s (or close) worth of sewing on weekdays only — no instructions are posted on weekends.

2.  I’ve corrected the Fabric requirements for the Quilt for an Hour (Shine on Bayou Cane) quilt and posted them here.

3.  I think I’ve added everyone’s Block 4 blog posts to the “Share your Block 4 Pictures” post.  If I’ve missed anyone, it was purely accidental.  If I missed yours, please send me another e-mail and I’ll get it up ASAP.

4.  While I was gone, there was tons of e-mail and I think I answered everything that required an answer but if you sent me something and I didn’t answer, will you please re-send it and I’ll answer it.  I sometimes think I’d be better off not trying to answer e-mails while I’m traveling because there are always a few that require more time than I have at the moment or I need to look up something I don’t have handy and I plan to get back to it and then I forget.  So . . no hurt feelings please — just send me another e-mail and I’ll respond.

Til I get caught up, if you can e-mail me at [email protected], the e-mail will not be mixed in with my regular e-mail and I’ll get to it sooner.



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    Laila Mogensen says

    Welcome home, hope you find time to relax a bit too. You are a very busy lady serving others, remember to take good care of you self, you are the most important person in your life.
    Have an nice sunday with what’s let of it.
    Hugs from Laila