Beauty in MO

Here are a few pictures I took of Big Spring near Van Buren, MO.  This place was gorgeous and if I wasn’t already thrilled to live in MO, this one area would convince me to live here forever.

The water is exactly the shade that it appears in the pictures.  These are straight out of the camera — no photoshopping.  Click on them to get larger images.


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    Wow, the color of that water is awesome and no I am not some young thing using that word loosely ….. I was once a young thing and I think that the color is awesome. What makes it that way? any clue? Beautiful!!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I love the color of the first picture! That is my current fav. All the pictures are wonderful but I really, really love that color!

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    And as a p.s.:
    I Googled Big Spring to find out why it’s such a beautiful blue, and apparently (remember, it’s a spring) the water travels great distances under ground, and there’s a large amount of dissolved limestone in this water, and that gives it this wonderful blue color.