Congratulations John DeRosier

My favorite attorney just won re-election as District Attorney in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.  I’m so proud of him!  I worked for him for many years in his private practice and John rates right up there with the best of the best in my book.  I think he’s fair, compassionate and he absolutely positively loves being District Attorney.

As much as I love staying home and quilting and being Queen of the House, I’d give it up to go back to work with John if ever we lived back in Lake Charles.  We’re never going to move back there so I don’t have to think much about it but . . we were a good team and I miss the legal work.

I am so tired from the trip and was just fixing to go to bed when I remembered that I forgot to check the election returns in Lake Charles so I turned the computer back on and now I’m way too excited to go to sleep!

Congratulations to John and his wife, Leigh, and everyone who’s still back home that I know worked so hard to help John win the race against another well known Lake Charles attorney.