Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

There are bunches of recipes available for Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin.  Sometimes I do mine with cracked black pepper, rosemary and lemon; sometimes I do them with brown sugar or honey, cayenne pepper and Lawry’s Salt.  Sometimes I just make a concoction of whatever I see laying around.  But, I’m lazy when it comes to getting them all wrapped up and I hate getting stuff under my fingernails so here’s how I do it.

1.  Lay the plastic wrap out on the counter.  Lay out the kitchen twine strips that you will need.  Be sure to use a 100% cotton twine — don’t want any nylon melting and sticking to your meat!

2.  Lay the bacon strips on top of the twine strips.

3.  Stick your tenderloin on top of the bacon.

4.  Fold the bacon over to wrap the tenderloin.  I didn’t take more pictures but after folding the bacon over, tie the strings, clip the ends, wrap the tenderloin up in the plastic wrap and you hardly have to touch it at all!


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    Pork tenderloin is one of my favorite cuts of meat and when on sale it is an exceptional value. Not a bit of waste, no bones or fat. It can be prepared in so many ways. Thanks for another great recipe.

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    Diana says

    I tried to buy a house without a kitchen, that’s how much I like cooking, but this recipe has made me change my mind, I’m going to try it on Sunday. Many Thanks Diana