One Iris

The iris is my favorite flower . . well, maybe next to camelia, gardenia, ginger lily, heirloom roses.  Let’s just say the iris is my favorite flower that I can grow all the way up here in MO.  I had bunches of irises in Kentucky.  A friend in Louisiana had given me a bunch of irises that her friend had given her.  Some of them were really unusual colors. There was a lady in Kentucky who was a real iris expert.  She judged shows and really knew what she was doing.  I just stick mine out and hope for the best.

The lady in Kentucky had an iris sale one year.  While they were blooming, she let us come over and list the ones we wanted and then when it was time to transplant, we went, paid and got our irises.  Some of the ones I bought from her bloom in the spring and in the fall.

When we moved from Kentucky, we had so much to do that we didn’t even dig up any of the irises.  After we got here, I was sad that we had left them all and wished I had some so Vince called the realtor and got her to dig some up and send them to us.  Then he got the guy who did our yardwork to dig some up and send to us so I did end up with a few but I have no idea what was sent.

We didn’t get them planted until fall, 2007 so I knew they weren’t going to bloom this past spring.  Imagine my surprise when I found this one in one of my front beds blooming.  Isn’t it pretty?  Of all the irises I’ve planted here, this is the only one that has bloomed but it’s so pretty!  Maybe this spring, I’ll get a whole bunch of blooms.


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    oh how I love irises too! My mom collected them, getting starts from all over the place, friends and family…

    and when David and I were first married, we lived in a tiny 1BR apartment just 1 street over from colelge campus… and I remember noticing solid yellow irises growing from the student center next door while looking out the window showering (we were on the 2nd story) and I’m sure no one ever saw anything lower than my earlobes.. LOL

    anyway I dug one up and took to my mom and she was so excited b/c never before had she ever seen a solid yellow one…

    well a year or so after she passed away… my dad being the farmer he is.. decided to build this huge metal shop ( I think it will hold about 8-10 parked cars inside with plently of other room.. to give you an idea on size) and guess where he bulldozed the ground out to pour his foundation??? yep. right overtop of mom’s row of irises. 🙁

    if I had only known! I would have had him dig up and save me some bulbs… at the time we lived in GA and it was all said and done by the time we visited him again…

    one day I’ll have a row, one day… 😉