I don’t know why I’m glad it’s Friday — every day is pretty much the same for me — get up, cook, clean, sew, cook, clean, sew, cook, clean, sew, go to bed!

On Fridays I do tend to lollygag a bit in the mornings, which I should learn not to do.  We have another window that has a leaking seal and earlier this week, I had called the building supply place about changing it out.  This morning about 8:00, as I was still running around in my pj’s, Larry called and said the factory rep was in town and they were coming by.  I told him I was just fixing to get in the shower, could he give me a little time.  Yep, we have a couple of things to do.  Thanks!  Then he said . . see ya in about 30 minutes.  I said ok and hung up.  Then I thought . . 30 minutes!  I have to take a shower, wash my hair, get dressed, take Speck for a walk and be ready to greet them in 30 minutes!  I wanted to ask him if his wife gets ready in 30 minutes but decided I’d better be thankful they’re changing out my window and not mention my morning time crunch!

After lunch, I ran to the post office, bank, quilt shop, grocery store, got a haircut and spent a few minutes with the local realtor who owns the unsold lots in this subdivision.  I want the back part of the lot next door and he’s not real fired up about splitting up the lot.  There’s a creek that runs alongside our lot and then crosses right over the two lots next door.  It kinda divides them up so they’re not very good for building lots but the back part of the lot next door, which connects to our lot, would go better with my lot than with the other lot.  Maybe he’ll think about it for a while and then agree to sell me that back half.  Or, maybe someone will come along and want to buy my house and we can move out in the country and get a few acres.  Or . . maybe not.  Vince is more of a city dweller but I’m so ready to be out in the country where I can’t see other houses and can have whatever farm animals I can figure out how to raise and care for.

What do you think about this?

When we were in Louisville last week, a week ago today in fact, gas was about $3.60.  When we got back into MO on Saturday, we were thrilled to see it at $2.99 but this is what it is here today.  And, look at that background.  isn’t my little town just so pretty?  Trees, sky . . everything is pretty here.

Last night I finally finished the borders on the quilt that I should have finished Wednesday morning.  This is the fabric for what should be my next project.

But, the snowball project was calling my name.  What little bit of sewing time I’ve had today, I’ve been making snowballs.

Oh . . guess what I did yesterday!  I was grilling the shrimp and they were so pretty on the grill.  I brought my camera out to get a picture (yes, I really should get a life!) but I never got around to taking a picture.  This morning when I got up, the first thing I noticed sitting out on the deck rail — my camera!  It was left out all night.  Thank goodness it was my little point and click and not my beloved Nikon and thank goodness it didn’t rain last night.  I’m sure there was enough dew and moisture that it wasn’t good for it but at least it still works.

Well, now you know what I’ve done for the last 24 hours! 🙂


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    Delicious colors you’ve laid out for your next quilt! I could find a home for those fabrics. Can’t wait to see your snowball quilt come together. It is fun to see something familiar get turned inside out, into a whole new look.

  2. 3

    Pat says

    Oh, yes….Sue is right….Gumballs is a much better name for it. LOVE those bright colors you are using for it.

  3. 4


    I don’t know Judy…first your glasses and now “almost” the camara. I’m not even going to say what I was going to say. (You know I’m just kidding …don’t you?)

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    becky rhodes says

    What kind of Nikon is your good camera? I saw a cute little red one at WalMart last week for only $150 – think it was 8 mega pixels or something along that line. I was tempted but instead I bought a new wireless HP printer at OfficeMax. Tried to get it working but HP had to send us another one because it gave us an error and apparently no one in India knew what the error meant. Well the second printer got the same error once it recognized the router and locked the printer up. Well this time we got the smartest hardware tech in India and we got it to work via usb cable. We now have a new router ordered and hopefully that will allow the new wireless printer to work, wirelessly.

  5. 7


    You’ve been busy, girl! The next quilt fabric looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up. And I love the gumdrops! I wish I were smart enough to figure out all the sizes!

  6. 9

    Cindy says

    Ok, you’re afraid of the dark. You can’t take Speck outside now at 10 PM with street lights and everything. How you gonna do it out in the country.

  7. 10


    You’ve had a busy day and accomplished so much. Understandable that the snowballs were calling out your name. They are so cute.
    Lucky for you about the camera, I wouldn’t like to be without mine.

  8. 11


    Lucky you! Gas is still about $3.25/gallon in the Denver area. It could be all the taxes we have, though. Love the snowballs!