Floor Cleaning Gadget

Vacuuming upstairs happens way more than vacuuming downstairs.  We don’t wear shoes inside the house and honestly, there’s so much “stuff” in the floor downstairs (fabric type stuff), that I just don’t take the time to vacuum as much as I should.  Around my sewing machine gets kinda messy in between the infrequent vacuums – lots of thread and little corners that have been snipped.   Vince got me this handy dandy floor cleaner that just rolls and picks up most of the stuff.

Each side has a little container that you just lift out to dump.

I didn’t pick a good day to show you what I’d picked up because I just ran it over the ramp.  Chad wears his shoes down the ramp and then leaves them at the back door so I did pick up quite a bit of “dirt” in there.  The vacuum hose doesn’t reach out into the ramp and I never think to dig out the other vacuum cleaner and vacuum out there so . . maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the ramp.  But you see that the little cleaning gadget does work quite well.  Next time I have it full of brightly colored fabric snips, I’ll show that.  This dirt and dust is kinda disgusting, huh?  Oh well . . that’s how things are around here.


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    I got one of those and I couldn’t get it to pick up a darn thing around my sewing machine, so I retired it to the black hole of a garage. Should I try it again? LOL.

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    Marilyn says

    Judy, we had one when I was growing up. It was called a carpet sweeper. My mom loved it for quick pick-ups!

  3. 3

    Tina C. says

    Judy, what it the name of the sweeper and where did you get t? I have tons of threads on my carpet right now and I just don’t want to drag the vacuum in…

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    I have one also in my sewing room. It’s upstairs from the rest of the house, and our Kirby is TOO HEAVY to lug up and down stairs. Mine is a Bissell perfect sweep, and I like it! It’s not quite as stylish as yours, though.

  5. 6

    pdudgeon says

    yep we’ve got one of those from swivel sweeper.
    it runs on a rechargeable pack so i don’t have to mess with a cord. definitely handy in between cleanings.

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    Growing up we had an orange one called a Hokey or Hoky (back in the early to mid 60s, for reference). It did a great job. Just recently, I found out my mom still has it and uses it quite often! It will be interesting to find out what kind you have, Judy. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks for all your interesting posts.