Floor Sweeper

For those who asked about the floor cleaning gadget – The one I have is the Scotch-Brite Floor Sweeper. 

In the reviews at Amazon, one person wrote that it doesn’t pick up pet hair.  I suppose a lot depends on the type pet hair and the type floor but I find that it does pick up dachschund hair on Berber type carpet, regular carpet and hardwood.

And, just to prove to you how lazy I am, if you run it over your carpet real quick (like someone’s coming over in 5 minutes), it makes your carpet look like it’s just been vacuumed.  The pile perks up and look real alert.

One thing it does not do is get into the corners.  This one has no batteries and isn’t electric but I really do think it’s worth the money.


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    Judy, you forgot the link.. but I was able to go to amazon.com and look it up based on the information you gave.

    I think I may have just picked out my own Christmas gift to me from the kids this year 😉 I didn’t realize just how many food crums we drop in a meal until Jackon was no longer here crumb snatching htem all up… 🙁 and I do have a rechargable dustbuster type thing but I hate bending over to use it all the time!

    Thanks for posting.. and I’m off to read more about your type. I noticed over at amazon there were more than one and I am currious as to why such big price differences??

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend. ~bonnie