Bloglines & Subscriptions

I’m not sure what I did that messed up the subscriptions, nor am I totally sure I have it fixed.  I added a new little button at the top of the sidebar. You may need to delete whatever subscriptions you had before and re-subscribe.

If this works or doesn’t work for you, will you please let me know.



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    Sheila says

    I’m also a Google Reader reader. I was thinking in the shower this morning that someone in your family must have met an unfortunate situation. Then on the way to work, I realized I just need to check the website. LOL Eleven unread posts showed up within the past 30 minutes. Of course, there is a horrendous time delay everyday on Google Reader.

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    The little bloglines button helped. When I clicked on “subscribe to this page” in Firefox (not bloglines) I get this on bloglines (go figure):
    Zarabianie na blogach
    Tue, Oct 14 2008 6:26 PM (2 subscribers)
    Je?li masz bloga i chcesz na nim zarabia?, sprawd? w jaki sposób mo?esz to zrobi?.
    Preview This Feed

    If I click on the orange “subscribe” button at the top left, I get an English-language bloglines sub page (at least!) with one choice. If I click on the little “bloglines” sub button at the top of the column on the right, I get SEVEN choices of feeds.

    For me, the RSS feeds weren’t up to date (hour 5 QFAH was the last I found). Eventually I found one that gave me all of your posts, up to date (

    So, that’s that. There was some confusion, but I’m sure that most or all of it was :ahem: user issues. I’m just glad that it finally worked out!

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    I work through bloglines and everytime I try to subscribe to the feed it only wants to start from the post Where There’s a Will . . It was at that point that I stopped getting feeds the other day. Even though I delete the feed and resubscribe it still comes up with that post and earlier. I have tried with two different feeds so far and it is the same. Perhaps the problem is with bloglines as people are saying that Google is working for them.

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    Regina says

    I am getting the feed again. Don’t know what you did but you fixed it 🙂

    I check for new feeds from your site several times a day so when there were no updates I knew there had to be a problem. Glad all is well now.