A Bit of Organization

For those who have been having problems finding some of the Quilt for an Hour instructions, if you’ll look over on the right hand side under “Some Things You Might Like” the last item is the “Current Quilt for an Hour Project”.  You can find all the instructions there.

This new WordPress “theme” had all the pages at the top and I didn’t like them there so I’ve added most of those over there on the right too.

Fall is officially here.  This is pretty much how our sky has looked all day.  It hasn’t rained but it might as well.  It’s damp, muggy and a bit chilly.  I went to the grocery store wearing a T-shirt and flip flops (jeans too, of course) and realized everyone else had on jackets, shoes and socks.

I love this tree.  It’s dead but see that V-shaped limb up there.  It’s been there for over a year — through some pretty serious storms, so I guess it’s lodged up there real tight.  Every time we have a storm, I go out to see if the limb is still there.  The dead tree isn’t on our lot and won’t hit our house when it falls so it’s just standing there holding up that V-shaped limb.

Along with dealing with the goofy blog all morning, today was a health fair at Vince’s work.  They were doing free screenings.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d had blood work done yesterday (I didn’t!), Vince would have insisted I go do it again because it was free so I got dressed in all the essential “going out into the world” type clothes, went down there this morning, got weighed, had blood drawn, had my finger stuck, blood pressure, had an interesting conversation with the psychiatrist who laughs at me because I can’t cross bridges because he can’t either; talked to a sheriff’s deputy who told us the safest community in our county is the one where that house is that I want. I’m guessing after today’s stock market, I shall not mention a second house to my husband.

It was payback time for Vince though.  When I stopped at the bank on my way home, they were having a customer appreciation lunch with free hot dogs, chips and drinks.  It was about 9:30 when I was there so I called Vince and had him stop by and get hot dogs for us for lunch.  Free is good! 🙂

And, I found out that I have skin cancer again.  What fun! It’s basal cell so it could be a whole lot worse.  I so wish I could go back to the dermatologist in Owensboro who has removed the others, but I can’t.  The dermatologist here only comes to town once a month so I’ll find out November 6 what his plans are for getting it removed.  I could go to Kansas City and have it done but Vince would have to take off work and go so . . I’ll just do it here and be happy that he comes to town once a month.

Snowballs still aren’t finished.  That top should have taken 2 days and here it’s been almost a week I’ve been dragging it out . . never finding time to work on it.  Tonight!  Vince will probably watch the debate.  I refuse to even listen to it so I’ll have XM on Channel 13 and the snowball top will be finished before bedtime . . I hope.


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    I’m sad to hear that you are ill, hope it turns out well. Fall is also due in Denmark, where I live. The colours are so beatiful this time of year.
    Happy thoughts

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    pdudgeon says

    how nice for your town that the businesses offer health screenings and customer appreciation days. we’re looking forward to that cool down in temps on Friday.
    I’ve been busy decorating my porch for Fall this week, so i’ll be catching up on my Quilt for an hour today and tomorrow. I am loving how these blocks are going together. thanks for another fabulous pattern, Judy.

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    OMG, Judy! I know nothing about skin cancer. Really, nothing. But a part of me wants to rush over to your house, throw you in my minivan, drive to KC and pitch a tent on the front lawn of the best derm in town until he/she examines you!

    Take care of yourself and get an appointment in KC now just in case your local derm isn’t going to take action the way you’d like.

    And you might want to keep peeping out your window just in case the kidlets and I show up to kidnap you!

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    Take care, Judy. If it’s okay to wait, then it will all be fine. Take a deep breath and remember that you are in the thoughts of so many. I am sure glad my friend Sue H. had you listed as a favorite on her blog or I would not have found you!

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    Donna says

    Thanks for the pointer on finding the instructions for the QFH. I was missing one and couldn’t find it. And now I have it. Yay!

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    yummy baked beans..I will have to make some now! I thank you for the info on the copyright (attorney too)! I will pray the dermatologist will take care of that skin cancer and you are all set!