On my way home from running errands today, the sky was full of the curvy, swirly clouds.  My first thought was . . McTavishing in the sky!  By the time I got home and grabbed my camera, the clouds had lost some of their definition but they were still not ordinary rain clouds.  We ended up getting a good bit of hail, though it was small; but aren’t these the strangest looking clouds?


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    Don’t you just love being able to see quilting designs in everything we do. I’m not ready to have anymore rain, snow or hail here……we just need cold cold weather so we can get the rest of our crop off. We had about 4 inches rain here last week and everything is mud mud mud……if it gets below freezing we will be able to harvest on the frozen ground.

    Karen L

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    I love clouds! They fascinate me! These are just gorgeous! Quilters certainly do look at their world around them differently. At least, we understand each other. :~)

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    I was down in Springfield yesterday and also saw some weird clouds on my way home. Yes they do look like McTavishing.

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    Bev says

    Where in the world, in Missouri, do you live that its calling for snow?? I also live in Missouri.