Bloglines vs. Google Reader

I’m really sorry that every time you check whatever reader service you’re using, you see a new post from Patchwork Times.  Some days I’m just really chatty and some days I can’t think of a single thing to say that might interest anyone.

A very nice reader sent me this blog post about Bloglines.  If you’re using Bloglines and you truly care about keeping up with your favorite blogs, you might want to read it.  Please don’t tell me your life would go on as normal if you weren’t reading my blog fodder each and every day!  I’ve convinced myself that if you couldn’t read my blog each day, the world would stop spinning, the economy would fail, the housing market would crash, credit would cease to exist.  Oh, wait!  Those things have happened and you’re still reading my blog!  Maybe I’m not so important after all.  OK . . that’s a joke.  I don’t want anyone thinking I’m . . whatever those nasty words are that have been used to describe me on occasion.

Seriously, that very nice quilter/internet guru set up that nice little “Subscribe” thing over there. —>  My recommendation (and I hope you know what my opinion is worth – –  NOTHING!) is that you switch from Bloglines to something more reliable.

Change is real hard for me (well, don’t ask my ex-husband . . he thought I did it pretty easily).  Oh goodness . . what’s wrong with me tonight?  Anyway, I disliked Google Reader when I first tried it but now that I’ve used it for a few days, I think I like it better.  By the end of the week, I’ll probably be addicted to Google Reader and wonder why I ever used Bloglines.  I’m like that . . totally devoted one day and then cast it aside like an old shoe the next day!

When I found an old Google Reader account that I’d tried quite some time ago, I found lots of blogs that I used to read but had forgotten about so I’ve had fun re-acquainting myself with people I used to know (via their blogs).

Was I supposed to be quilting today?  Oh well . . maybe I’ll do that tomorrow!


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    Well, I took your advice and (sadly) switched over to Google Reader. It looks funny… 🙂

    I found that one blog that I thought was just not posting had TWENTY-FOUR unread posts. Bloglines didn’t even give me the little red [!].

    I’ll keep my bloglines handy, just in case they get it together.

    And yes, my days just have not seemed complete without the Patchwork Times daily feed. !

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy, write as much as you like and as often as you like!
    that’s what blogs are for.
    I think it’s much better for us if we get what’s in our heads into posts/blogs. it gives us a chance to examine our thinking and maybe find a kindred soul out there who has the same thoughts or laughs at the same jokes.
    it’s a way to connect–to say “I am here and this is what i am thinking about these days.”

    so keep on blogging AND quilting!

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    Judy, I don’t mind seeing a post from you every time I check my blogs, I look forward to it!! And thanks for telling me about Google Reader, I’ve just made the switch in hopes that it will work. Just like Tracey, I have a couple that have many posts that never showed up on Bloglines. I’ve just added the lime green kitchen to Google Reader, too.