Some Updates

1.  My ironing board top is 31″ x 52″.  Obviously not a half sheet of plywood.  Don’t ask me why it’s that weird size . . probably because I had it cut to fit a spot in a previous house.  I  have no idea but you can make yours any size you want.

2.  The weather report came from Accuweather and as usual, they’ve changed the long range forecast and the snow is no longer there.  They have our predictions up through November 1 and no snow! 🙁

3.  Recipes – I’ve added some recipes over at my cooking blog.

4.  The furniture was ordered from  That’s where the guest bedroom furniture came from and I love it.  It isn’t top quality, nor does it look or feel cheap.  Right now Target has free shipping on most of their furniture and the hutch/buffet was a good bit less than was the mixer!  Go figure!  If I have my way, one day we’ll be living in southwest Louisiana and when the big hurricanes come, I don’t want to be crying over outrageously expensive furniture.