Desperate Search & Quiltathon Report

Stop searching!  Guess who had it!  Vicky has almost 2 yards and it’s being sent to me tomorrow.  I almost called her this afternoon when I realized I was going to run short.  Then I thought . . this doesn’t look like a type fabric Vicky would have . . so I didn’t call.  I now realize that every fabric is Vicky’s type fabric! 🙂

You’d think that with the amount of fabric in this house, I wouldn’t run out but I changed a border and want to use this fabric in the outer border and the binding and I don’t have enough.  It’s a chocolatey brown and the selvage says “English Garden designed by Jinny Beyer 2005 RJR Fabics”.  I’ve done a quick internet search and can’t find it anywhere.  If anyone has a yard you could spare, I’d be happy to pay you for the fabric and your shipping.  If I don’t find any, it’s not the end of the world.  I can use something else in the border.  I don’t want to post it on the missing fabric page because if none of you in blogland have it, I’ll just move on.  I need to have this quilt finished by the end of the week.

Despite the cooking, walking through briars and searching the internet for brown fabric, I’ve managed to get 10 blocks made today.  That’s a good start towards getting this top pieced by the end of the week — especially since the border blocks are done.

Hope you’ve all had a great Quiltathon weekend and got lots done.


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    Erin says

    That fabric is gorgeous, but I am sorry, I dont have any!

    What is happening with the Snowballs quilt? I cant wait to see that 🙂

  2. 2


    Ta Dah!!!!!!! I’ve got just shy of two yards and it’s yours. I’ll get it out to you tomorrow. Gotta love having a big stash!!

  3. 3

    Evelyn says

    This post, right on top of your great stash replenishing post has me wondering – when you ARE shopping for fabric – do you sort-ov have a set formula for what you buy? Like – 4-5 yards for backing, 2 yards for border/add an extra yard if you want a matching binding? I know that when you are testing a quilt design you will make it several times/different color ways so I imagine that uses a whack of fabric at a time. With scrappy quilts I always need a fair amount of yardage to tone things down a bit and have learned – I never run out of scraps. With a scrappy quilt it is easy to subsitite 1 fabric for another – the more the merrier! But the yardage thing is tricky for me! I am so apt to say – oh I just want 1/2 to 1 yard cut of each of these, they are so pretty! – and then when I get it all home I realize that I didn’t get anything plain or boring to off-set. So, I am really working on that – and this past year have come home more times than not with just a few background fabrics in yardage rather than lots of little fun fabrics. Those background fabrics really DO help you use up your existing stash.
    Glad that Vicky had the exact fabric you were looking for so you can carry on!