Get Up! It’s Quiltathon Sunday

Wake up spleepyheads!  There’s quilting or shopping or cooking . . a lot to be done today!

Mother Nature and I have this little game we play.  She kicks my butt during the summer but in the Fall and Winter, I have the upper hand.  (Not really . . but I like to feel that way.)  I figured that if I get out of bed and get downstairs to sew before the sun comes up, then I’ve won.  If I wake up and the sun’s already up, then Mother Nature has beat me at my own game.

This mornng, I won!  There are too many darned houses and satellite dishes interfering with my picture taking though.  I wish I lived on a farm and couldn’t see another house!  You know what’s funny about taking sunrise and sunset pictures?  No matter how good or bad I think the pictures are, any time I take sunrise or sunset pictures, they turn out so pretty.  Guess Mother Nature wasn’t too angry with me about losing at our little game this morning! 🙂

I’m going to sew but I hear Vince awake upstairs and before long, he’ll be calling for breakfast.  And, at some point, I have to get the cooking done for next week but it’s an easy week.  So . . I’ll be sewing if you need me!


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    Good Morning! Beautiful sunrise pic! I’m off shortly to WalMart ugh…to grocery shop. Then home take care of all that and put stuff back in cupboard in laundry room and get area rug under dining room table. Then will be heading off to the sewing room for the day!!

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Morning!! Where’s the snowball quilt?? Can’t wait to see it “in person” via my monitor. Have a good day!

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    I’m working on some household sewing. Window toppers. I showed the fabric on an entry a couple of days ago. A nice deep cranberry red with flowers and leaves in a sage green. Also some small finishes for wall hangings and UGH…hems on some new pants for the man of the house. I hate making hems.
    Hope everyone is having a nice Quiltathon.

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    Evelyn says

    Sunrises are so beautiful – I will try to catch a shot here tomorrow! Yesterday and today I made 17 more blocks for my big print roses quilt, fixed a pair of pants for SB, made 2 loaves of whole wheat sourdough, 2 loaves of white sourdough and meatloaf. Had a visit with my neighbor today and took SB for a big walk yesterday.