Parklike Setting

Vince and I went back and walked the property at the house we looked at last week.  It’s so pretty . . though not a whole lot of useful land.  There’s between 9.5 and 10 acres there and probably 5 or 6 acres of it is usable as far as building or gardening.  The rest is surely great for viewing.  I can tell you that walking down was a whole lot easier than walking back up.  There are what I think are some wild roses with thorns and each path I tried to take took me right through a thicket of thorns!

When it rains or when the spring upstream has more water, the water comes trickling down this rock into this little pool and then overflows on downstream.  It’s just beautiful!

Poor little frog minding is own business and here come humans . . and one has a camera! 🙂

Isn’t he cute?  And, look at that clear water with those fall leaves all around!

Another inhabitant of the land!

Just looking down at the bed of the stream.

There’s a whole rock face along the stream bed.

I love this tree!  There are three trees coming up from the base.  I’m sure there’s a name for it but I don’t know it.

And, look at these roots!  Looks kinda spooky, huh?

The view of the house from down in the creek bed.

What to do . . what to do?  We don’t know.  So many variables right now.  I’m glad my job description is limited to making decisions on furniture and mixers and Vince gets to make the big decisions about things like buying another place.

If it was up to me, I’d say . . we buy this place, use the little house that’s there already for a quilting studio/guest house and then build us a house on the property and sell our current home.  Maybe someone will come along and buy it and we won’t have to make a decision.  That’s the easy way out, huh?


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    pdudgeon says

    yep it’s definitely pretty! and 5-6 useable acres is a whole lot of land. very nice creek, and the ‘neighbors’ look like they’re friendly.
    Just think…with a new house you could definitely have a lime green kitchen for real.

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    First thing I’d ask…..hows the economy?????… there a market for the home your in now????? That’s the economic side of my talking!!!!

    Now for the rest…..Buy it, put the house in town up for sale and start looking at plans for the new home……..or is Chad going to run away from home soon???? Downsize…live in the new place and build a shop/quilting studio on the rest…….put a operational kitchen in there for all the canning you’ll be doing with that massive garden you’ll be having. Just to do the math….. if your figuring one acre for your garden……that’s 43230 square feet…..or an area apx 200 feet by 200 feet……that’s alot of garden. Decisions, decisions decisions!!!!

    Karen L

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    pdudgeon says

    for a vegetable garden you probably won’t need more than a quarter acre even if you can and freeze. had you thought of growing your own wheat? now that might take some room.

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    It sure is pretty! Keith and I just got back from a walk downtown – we had a gorgeous day here and it looks like you had a pretty nice day for your walk too.