Stash Report Week 42

The good, the bad and the ugly — let’s just say it was not a good week for stash busting but dang . . it was FUN!

Fabric added this week – 134 yard
Fabric added year to date – 463 yards

Fabric used this week – 5 yards
Fabric used year to date – 354 yards

Net Used to Date – <109> yards

I suppose keeping track of the stash at this point is useless but like Vicky, I can’t imagine how bad I would have done if I hadn’t been keeping track.

Looks like I’ve fixed Mr. Linky . . and didn’t mess up anything in the process . . I hope!


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    WOW, you DID have fun this week! I’m glad you decided to tell the truth about your stash. God knows the rest of us have had our weaknesses too. I also would like to see what you all bought. C’mon show us the new pretties!!!

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    Evelyn says

    I would say that you had a fun time fabric shopping!!! I don’t think it is really ALL that bad though – basically you just about re-stocked your stash from what you used this year… sort-ov replenishing the pantry, so to speak!

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    Soooo, you aren’t going to tell us how this came about? You seemed to be awfully busin this week so I don’t see how you had time for this kind of purchase!

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    pdudgeon says

    yep that definitely would have been fun!!! ROTFLOL

    (ummm, i have some empty drawers in case you want/need to hide any of that…
    what are friends for…right? and of course i wouldn’t tell a soul…)

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    Holy flippin’ toledo! 134 yards! You make me feel SO much better cuz I bought (4) 1/2 yard pieces for a total of 2 yards! LOL Glad you were honest about it though–it’s not a race and no one cares and you are the one who has to live with yourself! hahaha You do use a lot, so you can be sure it will be used.

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    No wonder you didn’t want to report it! I was doing some online shopping the other night – late when I couldn’t sleep. I put a whole bunch of fabric in my shopping cart but snapped out of it before I actually put my CC info in and just clicked the window shut.

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    wow 134 yards … I’ve got to ask, do you wash all your fabric before adding it to your studio? I do, and neatly iron and fold it (I think that’s part of the compulsion..haha) .. but I can’t imagine having to do an extra 134 yards worth of laundry.