Great Customer Service

When I get bad service, I’m real quick to let the world know and I try to do the same when I get really good service.  One company that I’ve done a good bit of business with lately is Pleasant Hill Grain.  Those people are so nice!  They’re quick with their shipping, their prices are the best I’ve found, they’re quick with answering questions.  My questions are usually something like “What do I need?” and you know how hard those kinds of questions are to answer.

Grain Mill – When I was looking for a grain mill, I had done so much research and my brain was on overload.  I finally called the ladies at Pleasant Hill Grain (PHG) and . . I don’t remember what I said and I hope they don’t either because they were probably thinking . . this poor lady doesn’t have a clue what she wants . . but they recommended the Family Grain Mill and it’s perfect.  You know how  much I use and love that thing.

Meat Slicer – I kinda knew what I wanted . . I think I got what CJ recommended.  I still had questions though and the nice ladies at PHG answered them all.  I ended up with the Chef’s Choice 667 and I use it a lot!  It’s so much better to cook our own roast beef or ham and slice it instead of buying deli meat in the stores.

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer – I’d wanted this thing for a while so I didn’t have to make but one phone call to get my questions answered.  I kinda got my order screwed up Saturday evening and didn’t realize it til I’d already sent it all in via the internet.  I wrote customer service but figured it would be Monday before I heard from them.  On Sunday I got an e-mail and we got everything fixed up with my order.

They have everything — Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers are fantastic if you don’t have one of those!  Anyway, if you get the urge to order any kind of kitchen gadgets, please check out Pleasant Hill Grain.  They’re the best!  No affiliation . . just a very satisfied customer!


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    Linda says

    This is so funny. PHG is in Aurora, and while that’s down by the Inter-State it seems like its in my neck of the woods because Hwy 14 is only about 11 mi. from here and that’s the road we’d take to get there. I was looking at a dehydrator on the PHG site, the price was the same as everywhere else but I balked at the fact there wasn’t free shipping on it, though I knew that since it was coming from Aurora it would be here in a couple days. Sales tax was another issue. So I went looking & found the same one in Arizona, free shipping plus an instant $10 off, no sales tax. Now I just have to wait for it to get here & maybe by that time my pears & apples will be shriveled memories, but by God, I got a good deal!!! LOL Or, maybe I’m just a real tight-wad.

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    Linda says

    Maybe by my last post you’d think I was a total scofflaw, wanting to avoid sales tax, but living here in Nebraska you get taxed from all sides. NE residents pay the highest total amount of taxes of any of the states surround us, including Missouri. This year the assessor tried to raise the valuation on our house by over 200% when absolutely no improvements were made. When gas prices went up and people were driving less & buying less gas, the state raised the gas tax by $.03 a gal. because they thought they should have more money. I guess if I can avoid a little tax it makes me feel a little better, since it’s not likely I’ll get to move to a cheaper tax state. Otherwise I’m pretty law-abiding.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Once again Judy you are terrific! Of course you knew that! I have already shown my DH the site. He will be pulling it up (on his computer) and saving to our food storage file. Thanks so much for the information.

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    Judy, I love your blog. Do you know how the Bosch mixer compares to the one made by Electrolux? Thanks for your help. Sandra

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    Cindy B. says

    I had a Bosch mixer. I ran that puppy until I destroyed the gears. What a wonderful machine. I bought an implosion grain grinder at the same time. Kids would argue about who got to grind the wheat! OH MY … so very long ago.

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    I couldn’t agree with you more. PHG will continue to get my business. The ladies were so nice and patient with me too Maybe quite a few of us call in sounding lost….LOL. 😉 I’ll certainly look there first for my kitchen appliances from now on.