Oh, The Smells!

If you passed down my street today, you’d stop and visit . . I know you would.  You’d probably pretend you just dropped by to visit me and then you’d ask for a bowl of my yummy soup!  Maybe you’d even push your luck and ask for a slice of bread, with some butter!  And . . I’d be thrilled to share a bowl of Italian Sausage Soup.

The aroma wafting from my kitchen, through my open windows, will no doubt cause my UPS man and Fed Ex man to ask “what are you cooking?”

Gina shared this recipe on her blog last year and we have it often during the cooler months.  Look at the ingredients and if they look like something you think you might like, please give it a try.  This is one of the very best soups I’ve ever made.  Before serving this, I’ll take half of it out and put it in a bowl for another day.  I’ll add half the cheese tortellini today and then I’ll add the other half of the tortellini to the other half right before I serve it.  I find that the tortellini gets kinda mushy (you know how pasta does) if it sits in the soup too long.

We were supposed to be having Shipwreck Stew for dinner tonight and Taco Soup for lunch today but Vince told me last night that he won’t be home for dinner tonight so that gave me a chance to re-arrange my plans a bit.  There was a package of Italian sausage sitting on the top shelf in my freezer, begging to be cooked and once I remembered Gina’s recipe, I couldn’t stop thinking about this yummy soup.  Vince doesn’t know that’s what we’re having for lunch today so he’ll be thrilled when he finds out what we’re having.


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    Evelyn says

    Do you have a system for organizing your recipes? The other day my DH wanted to make a special soup from Austria and when he Googled it – my blog came up as #2 (!!!!!) with that recipe! Now, if I could get my business to come up #2 when you do a “general” search, I’d be a millionaire! LOL. Well, maybe not, but in anycase, DH was very impressed that the soup came up #2. I’ve been trying to put my favorite recipes into my cooking blog, but am wondering – what system do you use the most? All your cooking sounds wonderful! We are baking bread here today too – for the 2nd time this week. Even though our kitchen is VERY cold (we usually only heat it 2X a week), we do have a great commercial warming cabinet which is perfect for raising bread dough to be set in! Cheaper than heating the entire kitchen!!!!

  2. 2

    Gina says

    OK, now Im hungry, and I just HAPPEN to have some sausage thawing! Woohoo!
    Glad you love it as we do:)

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmm, I can smell it all the way up here in Nebraska. It’s definitely a soup day today. Chilly & rainy out. I’m torn between soup and lasagna though. We’ll probably have deer steak because we need to get it used up and I don’t have all the ingredients for either the soup or the lasagna on hand & don’t want to go out in the yucky weather to go to the store. Think I’ll load a quilt instead.

  4. 5

    Pat says

    Gosh….that sounds good. I went to your other blog….didn’t know you HAD another blog. (And here I am so dopey, I can’t even figure out how to do ONE blog!!! Do I feel inadequate or what?? LOL) I think I’ll be visiting your food blog a lot and using some of your recipes. From what I saw over there, you have lots of yummy ones!!!

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    pdudgeon says

    good thing i looked at this before making the grocery run today! I had some Italian sausage in the freezer too, so i just needed to get the other ingredients. will probably make this on Thursday. thanks again, Judy! it looks like we’ll be eating Italian this week.

  6. 7

    Cecilia says

    I made your sweet/sour meatloaf last night and it was great. next to try will be this soup. There is something about Fall that calls for soup and bread!

  7. 8


    I made this soup and I didn’t make nearly enough. It got really ugly around here…
    The second time I made it I used half hot Italian sausage and half sweet and I made a lot more. It was a big hit since the guys love spicy stuff.

  8. 9

    Jan says

    I tried this soup the first time you posted it on your blog. It’s fabulous and easy too. I make sure I have sausage in the freezer all the time now, thanks for sharing this great recipe and thanks to Gina the original poster too.