Busy Wednesday!

This would be a great afternoon to take a nap . . but I cannot.  It’s 2:00 p.m. and I haven’t touched the sewing machine.  Not good!

Not sure if you can notice but the smoker was loaded well before daylight!  That’s a ham on top and a pork butt on the bottom.  The ham was for lunch and though we didn’t eat it all, I sliced it all off the bone and now the bone is in the crockpot with some beans.  Yummmm!

As the sun was coming up, I was at Wal-Mart.  How exciting, huh?  Canning jars are hard to find around here this time of the year and mine are all full and I needed more. None at Wal-Mart.  One case at one grocery store, plenty at the second grocery store so I came home with 2 cases of quart wide mouth and 2 cases of pint wide-mouth jars.

The apples have kept me busy this morning.  I had heard about Caramel Apple Jam and then found this recipe posted on a friend’s blog yesterday so I made two batches of this.

Nine jars . . and I tell you . . this is some really, really good stuff!

And, here’s a batch of apple butter still cooking.  I’ll put it up when it’s done and that’s the end of the apples for today.

I think tomorrow I may make another batch of the Caramel Apple Jam and another batch of apple butter and then it will be time for another trip to the orchard.

The more I think about it . . the more I think I may just have to take a quick nap this afternoon!


  1. 1

    Traci says


    Ham and caramel apple jam on a hot biscuit!! Now that would be some good eating.



  2. 2

    pdudgeon says

    hey at least you had a good time cooking up a storm this morning. all i got to do was sit around the waiting room while my car was being fixed and inspected.
    watching CNN is so exciting….not!

    the jams look very delicious. smart of you to decide on doing a second batch, because those goodies are always gobbled up twice as fast as we make them.

  3. 3


    I’m doing jam this weekend (my floors are in!!!).
    And was going to invite myself for dinner – but saw you already had guests. ROFLOL

  4. 4

    Gwen says

    Yummy looking food today! Did you have an apple bread recipe up last fall? Or maybe it was a link to one. I think I made one and can’t find the recipe again. Hugs, Gwen

  5. 5


    I agree, ham and apple BUTTER on a biscuit. And ham and bean soup. YUM!! I used a large roaster and my oven to make apple butter, didn’t peel them, threw them in after being cored (and washed!) Then I let them bake until soft, mashed them with a potato masher, and put thru my food mill. Back in the oven with spices and stir every 20 minutes. Sigh–still have almost 3 buckets of apples, even after making your cake!

  6. 6


    Keith’s gone for the next couple days and I usually never cook for just myself but you’re making me hungry! I have the fixings for homemade mac&cheese in the house and I’m going to go fix it right now – I didn’t want to go out in this rain anyway.

  7. 7

    gardenpat says

    Question: how many jars of what size does one batch of the caramel apple butter make? I have hundreds of jars, all sizes and my Kroger just closed out all their Ball canning lids- wide and regular. Regulars were 75 cents/box and Wides were a dollar/box. I bought up all they had, knowing how hard it’s been this year to find lids or jars or any canning items. Seems funny with economy the way it is- Walmart here in Columbus said they didn’t get any jars in at all this year!

    Thanks so much for the recipe- I still have about a bushel of apples to do something with.

  8. 8

    gardenpat says

    Thanks for the info, Judy!! It’s Thursday and I’m ready to make the caramel apple jam. I’ll use clear gel instead of pectin though, since I have a lot of clear gel vacuum packed here at home!

  9. 9


    I sure wish I could learn to do all the things that you do Judy! You amaze me and inspire me. If I had more time, I’d learn to do the things I want to do… like make bread. I’ve tried a few times and it just never comes out right. I don’t know what I do wrong and it’s been so long since I even tried, I’d have to start from scratch. I’d love to learn how to can foods, grow a garden, and all those types of things. Maybe I can start with one thing at a time. I DO know how to make homemade flour tortillas! I always have to search for my recipe when I want to make them, but I eventually find it…. LOL!