Millennium For Sale

I think I’m going to sell my 2004 APQS Millennium so if you’re interested, please let me know.  It’s absolutely in great condition but now that I’m an APQS dealer, I’d like to have a newer machine to use to show potential buyers.

Things that are different on the new Millennium:

  • The tables are different but there’s nothing wrong with my table.  In fact, it may be just that I’m used to my table and not used to the newer tables, but I really like my table.
  • The light on the machine.  The new machines have a cluster of LED lights where mine has a solitary florescent tube type light.  Some have complained that the tube light gets in the way but a whole lot of it is what you’re used to.  I have never found the light to be in the way but I can see how I might think so if I was used to using the LED cluster light.

If I don’t sell my machine, I’m perfectly happy to keep it.  I love it and don’t think there’s one thing wrong with it.

It has a 12′ table (does not have auto feed or hydraulic lift); has the stitch regulator and all the bells and whistles that make the Millennium such a fantastic machine!  I would prefer not to ship it.  I have the box for the head but do not have the boxes for the table.

Of course, I will be willing to spend a half day or so helping the buyer learn to use the machine.

My asking price is $11,000 (which is $1,000 less than the sale price APQS has on their 2004 used machines).

E-mail please if you’re interested.


Judy Laquidara – [email protected]