Snails, Puppy Dog Tails

Spiders and Night Crawlers!  Gotta love having a boy in the house.

Chad had been fishing and was cleaning out the ice chest.  It was almost dark and he yelled for me to bring the camera.  I had no idea what it was but did as instructed.  It was this:

This spider was huge!  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Of course, Chad wouldn’t kill it and I was barefooted so he’s probably found his way into my house somewhere . . probably nesting in my lime green fabric!

In the mornings, first thing I do is open the fridge downstairs to grab my morning Dr. Pepper.  This is what greeted me recently:

It’s night crawlers . . in my fridge! Why are they in the fridge?  Right next to the milk, the pickled green beans, the wine, the yogurt, raisins and eggs.  Gross!


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    Deb Geyer says

    My boys have been doing Biology dissections at home recently. Luckily they know to clean up and throw everything away before mom enters the kitchen!!

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    I don’t have nightcrawlers, but somehow nectar for hummingbirds and buffalo grass seed have made their way into my fridge! The assistant, my daughter, has recently named all spiders “Sissy” or “George” so I can’t kill them – they go outside!

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    Okay Judy, I could have gone my whole life and never seen this picture! :~) How creepy!!!! Do you have lots of those monsters in your area? How big was it really, like in comparison to an adult hand? The least that Chad could have done was catch it so that it didn’t make it’s way into your house. ACK!!!!!! I think that I am going to be having nightmares for you!

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    Looks like a tarantula. I’ve picked them before – not knowing about how the hairs on their tummy can cause an itchy reaction. Thankfully I was relaxed and amused by it, so I didn’t frighten the spider and didn’t get those hairs on me. 🙂

    Oh, and I’ve never seen a tarantula in the house. Unless you bring it there. 😉

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    I believe that’s a wood spider. At least that’s what my late FIL Jim used to call them when I stumbled across one and screamed for him. They often appear around here when I bring in the plants from outdoors to the grow lights in the basement for the winter. I banished the night crawlers to my BIL Bob’s refrigerator in the old part of the house. He never has anything but beer in there so he doesn’t seem to mind creepy crawly things….eeeeeeeekkk.

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    I would have died, I hate spiders and wouldn’t have survived meeting one that size.

    I know quite know what nightcrawlers are, but some kind of bug, I magine. Not nice at all. We had mice in the cupboards and that’s discusting as they puh all over.

    Hope that you’ve made sure that the spider is all gone. Are spiders like that common where you live?

    Happy Thoughts

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    I’ve got shivers and goose bumps just thinking about that spider.You should have put a ruler beside it and then we could have really freaked. Today in one of the mailrooms there was a dead cockroach and that still gives me the creeps.

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    My Grandma Ida was a fisherwoman extraordinaire, and whenever I stayed with her, I knew NEVER to open the cottage cheese container because inside there would be nightcrawlers in moist coffee grounds. So I guess worms in the fridge I could taken. Spiders of any sort or size send me over the edge. Way over the edge.

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    Traci says

    Okay…I don’t mind the nightcrawlers in the fridge….but that spider in my house!!! There would be one less person there….ME!

    I need a nap too!


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    BarbaraB says

    Years ago, my dad got an old refrigerater he kept in the garage for his nightcrawlers – he kept them loose in dirt in the vegetable bins. We still call it the worm refrigerator even though he long since quit using it for worms.